Roy from Shippping Wars Dead

What Happened to Roy from Shipping Wars?

 A&E’s Shipping Wars featuring a trucking company competing for business against other independent shipping companies has been off-air for five years now. The last episode … Read more

What happened to Sunshine on Insane Pools?

What Happened to Sunshine on Insane Pools?

Typically, one would think that Animal Planet would air programs related to animals. However, recently, the network has deviated from its core subject matter. The camera crews … Read more

What Happened to Elliott Neese?

What Happened to Elliott Neese?

Elliot Nicodemus Neese is no stranger to the Deadliest Catch fan base. The young crab fisherman was brought on the show six years after its premiere and … Read more

Alex Christian Jones from Disney's Kickin it

What Happened to Eddie in Kickin’ It?

Disney XD’s Kickin’ It is one of those kids’ shows with an inviting and compelling yet funny storyline. The show, which followed a couple of martial arts … Read more

the turtleman

What Happened to the Turtle Man?

When Call of the Wildman premiered in 2011 on Animal Planet, viewers quickly went crazy for it. By the end of the first season, the reality animal … Read more

What happened to Manuel Bellazetin

What Happened To Manuel From Kindig It?

Velocity TV’s Bitchin’ Rides is one of the most-watched car renovation shows around. Few can match the technical and artistic skills that David Kindig and … Read more