What Happened to Roy from Shipping Wars?

Roy from Shippping Wars Dead

A&E’s Shipping Wars has been off-air for five years now. The last episode aired in 2015, but for some reason, the buzz created by the show is still huge today. Blame it on the re-runs that are dragging viewers into the drama all over again. No doubt, the show is special in its own rights. 

Normally, the idea of bidding on storage lockers is frankly absurd and boring. However, when you make it a competition where people have something to look forward to, you have yourself a compelling reality show. This is what the producers of the reality show capitalized on.

Shipping Wars saw big names from the shipping industry bid on big-ticket shipping jobs—the kind that regular shipping firms couldn’t handle. The show was very successful because of the theme’s uniqueness and its cast members’ colorful personalities.

Who is Roy Garber?

The most memorable characters from Shipping Wars are certainly Roy Garber and, of course, his adorable cat Muffy. This is your typical ‘know-it-all-kind-of-guy”.

Admittedly, he knows pretty much all there’s to know about life (well, at least most of it). From catching alligators to performing TIG welding, Roy can do it all. According to the A&E website, Roy was experienced in everything and hadn’t come across any circumstance he couldn’t handle (and would tell you so). 

The father of one brought up his boy Travis for 18 years single-handedly. As a successful businessman in the transport industry, Roy owned a building and renovating firm to support Travis. Fans love watching Roy on the grind.

Apart from doing shipping full-time, Roy loves to fish sharks in the Gulf Coast as well. He is an expert scuba diver and an enthusiastic fisherman, and he is passionate about exploring the sea in pursuit of the biggest shark. His beautiful cat, Muffy, who traveled with him in almost all his trips across the country, makes for good entertainment as well.

What happened to him?

If you followed Shipping Wars closely, you might have noticed that Roy Garber was not on in the show’s last two seasons. Unfortunately, the star, living with a heart condition for a while, met his death in January 2014. 

TMZ made the announcement saying that the TV personality got a heart attack that killed him. At the time of his death, the Garber was 41 years old. The network A&E gave the following statement to let fans know of what had gone down.

“We are deeply grieved by the passing on of one of our cast members here at the A&E family. Our love is with Roy’s family and friends during this trying time. He will surely be missed.”

His girlfriend spoke to TMZ after his death. According to her, it wasn’t the first time the transporting specialist had suffered a heart attack. The doctor had earlier told him to be intentional about taking care of his body.

The TV personality had been instructed to do the usual: work out and eat clean. However, with easy access to unhealthy foods in the trucks and everywhere else, sticking to such a diet can be a nightmare. Eventually, Roy paid a huge price for neglecting his doctor’s orders.

What about Muffy?

Fans have been pouring messages of condolences since the passing of the talented businessman. It’s been five years, but many write on A&E’s social media pages to send their love and prayers to Roy’s family. After a re-run of some episodes, one viewer said, “I just want to say that I liked watching Shipping Wars mainly because of Roy. May the Lord bless him.”

Another one said, “I really loved watching you on the reality show. My spouse is a Texas native, and he always concurred with your style of trucking. You will be deeply missed.”

Some of Roy’s fans even went a step further to ask about Muffy. Once the initial shock of the star’s death wore off, people began asking the whereabouts of Muffy. The cute female cat was always by Roy’s side. He didn’t enjoy doing long travels without her. After his passing, TMZ and other media houses took it upon themselves to update Roy’s fans on Muffy’s status. It turns out the cat had been moved to New Hampshire, where Garber’s mother resided. 

The home had other pets, so Muffy would be happy there. As soon as fans were letting go of the Muffy situation, new reports claiming that the cat had been stolen by one of Roy’s estranged relatives surfaced. The rumors said that Muffy had been taken without permission and that she hadn’t been returned to Garner’s mom. No other update had since been given on Muffy’s well-being. We sure hope she’s okay.

Roy was a hardworking, delightful, and skilled member of the Shipping Wars family. He made the show so entertaining to watch. Lucky for his fans, he filmed as many episodes as he could before making his exit from the planet. You can always catch him on one of the show’s re-run episodes.