Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have to be one of the most intriguing couples on the TLC reality TV hit Seeking Sister Wives. Their views on marriage and life, in general, might be a tad controversial, but their Bohemian-ish, earthly vibe makes them quite a match to watch.

Adding the gorgeous Vanessa Cobbs to their family dynamic got us even more hooked so it was quite the shock when it came out that she had left. So why did Vanessa leave the Snowden family?

Vanessa Cobbs Joins the Snowdens

After one season on the show, Dimitri and Ashely finally found their match, Vanessa Cobbs, on the second season. Things got serious fast and when the Snowden family moved from Georgia to California to be closer to Cobbs, it was clear that she’d eventually become the sister-wife they’d been seeking. She eventually did after a beautiful beach wedding that brought them together as a ‘throuple!’

It looked like Vanessa was settling in well into her new family. She was really clicking with co-wife Ashley and she even agreed to detox and change her diet to suit the Snowdens’ strict vegetarian lifestyle.

The kids loved her too and it looked like they would all live happily ever after. That’s until, on the final episode of season two, Dimitri and Ashley revealed that Vanessa had actually left them shortly after the wedding. Say what?

So, Just What Happened to Vanessa?

On April 15, 2019, a day after the tell-all episode aired, the Snowdens took to Instagram and in a long post announced that they were “deeply saddened by Vanessa’s decision to leave the family.”

Just in case fans thought their family dynamic had anything to do with Cobb’s exit, the post went on to read “We know that it’s not polygamy to blame, as one doesn’t blame monogamy when things don’t work out.”

While they didn’t give an official explanation as to why the fan-favorite left them, the Snowdens simply said that they respected Vanessa’s choice, wished her all the best, and asked fans to do the same.

In her own post, Vanessa professed her love for Dimitri, Ashley and the kids but went on to say that she had ignored her ‘inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them in the capacity that they need me to.”

The reality-tv star further explained, “Sometimes (people’s) long-established dynamic is not aligned with your own personal growth and path forward.”

From the look of things, it looks like the reason why Vanessa left the Snowdens probably had to do with compatibility issues. But, going by their separate posts, the breakup was amicable as they each wished each other well.

Where is Vanessa Cobbs Now?

After vamoosing from our screens, Vanessa made her way to Australia to relax and catch up with her sister who lives ‘down under.’

Following the split, she took a hiatus from social media but soon returned with the news that she was in sunny Aussieland. A quick peek at her Instagram shows that she is still there (at the time of this writing) and seems to be loving it.


Will Seeking Sister Wives return for a third episode and will Vanessa be back? Well, word on the street is that TLC already put out a casting call for single women and families looking to be on the show. They still haven’t confirmed when season 3 will premiere but it will be interesting to see which families come back.

As for Vanessa returning, her response to her followers on Instagram says it all. The star made it clear that she doesn’t know whether the show will return and went on to say that she will not be on it. So there you have it, kids!