Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman’s Children, Now

The late Phil Hartman was a man of many talents, stunning the 90s Canadian-American entertainment industry with his spectacular acting and screenwriter skills.  Phil was also a … Read more

Giles Corey

What Happened to Giles Corey?

Significantly few authors can develop a fictitious story that depicts life in the rawest, most relatable sense. One such man is Arthur Miller, whose work … Read more

What Happened to Admiral Raddus?

What Happened to Admiral Raddus?

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Here is what happened to Marcus Stamm

What Happened to Marcus Stamm?

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jamberry nail company foreclosure

What Happened to Jamberry?

In 2011, three sisters Keri, Christy, and Lyndsey launched a nail-wraps company in their hometown of Utah. The idea was born when Lyndsey got cute zebra-patterned wraps … Read more

How much do gold miners make?

How Much Do Gold Miners Make?

Anyone that has watched an episode or two of Gold Rush on Discovery Channel has a rough idea of what gold mining looks like. Before finding physical … Read more