Fast and Loud - What happened?

What Happened to “Fast and Loud”?

Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud is no strange TV show to automobile renovation maniacs. It has been around for 15 seasons now, with the next season expected … Read more

Keanu Reeves does his own stunts

Does Keanu Reeves Do His Own Stunts?

When it comes to doing out-of-this-world stunts, the award always goes to none other than Keanu Reeves. Sure, there are others, including Tom Cruise, Rick Sylvester, … Read more

What happened to Fetty Wap?

What Happened to Fetty Wap?

Fetty Wap became internationally known in spring 2014 with the song “Trap Queen,” which made number two in the single charts in the U.S.  His … Read more