Who is Rebecca Olson Gupta?

Most people know her as the wife to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, one of America’s renowned neurosurgeons and CNN’s chief medical respondent. But beyond that, Rebecca Olson Gupta is a successful practicing family law attorney, a mother of three, and a phenomenal woman. 

Rebecca was born on 20th August 1968 in Novi, Michigan. Unfortunately, there is no information on the web regarding her parents or siblings. But, it is believed that her parents were of white ethnicity and American nationality.

Early Life and Education

Rebecca led a quiet everyday life as a child. She went to Novi High School, where she graduated in 1987, aged 19 years. After that, she enrolled at the University of Michigan for higher education, and later the University of South Carolina, Columbia, where she obtained her Juris Doctorate, the law degree.

Professional Life and Career

Rebecca Olson Gupta is a professional law attorney, and her specialty is family law and divorce. At the beginning of her career, she worked for small firms to gain some experience before later switching to private practice as a specialist family law attorney. Today, she resides in Georgia and has practiced law for more than two decades. 

Rebecca’s most famous contribution in recent years happened on 31st January 2018 when she teamed up with her husband and the University of Michigan to raise awareness of health communication problems while also bringing new ideas and tools. 

Net Worth

Rebecca’s net worth is not disclosed. However, the fact that she has worked in the law industry for over two decades means she must have amassed some wealth

The American Payscale indicates that the average annual salary of an American attorney is about $85,733. Now, considering Rebecca’s experience, it is evident that she earns more than that. Various sources estimate her net worth to be around $200k. 

On the other hand, it is estimated that her husband’s net worth is around $8 million. Being a married couple, it goes without saying that she has equal rights to his wealth. 

Marriage, Family and Personal Life 

Rebecca met her husband, Dr. Sanjay, in Michigan, and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love and begin a beautiful relationship. When the time came for Dr. Sanjay to propose, he went the extra mile by writing a love poem and asking her to read it. By the time she read the last line, he was on one knee, and he popped up the question. Of course, she said yes!

On 15th May 2004, the two lovebirds celebrated their traditional wedding ceremony at the Shell House at Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. With Dr. Sanjay being a celebrity medical reporter, their Indian wedding attracted massive attention from the local media. The Charleston publications featured the story detailing all the glamor of the Hindu rituals the two lovebirds partook in.

Today, the couple is blessed with three daughters, namely Sage Ayla Gupta (15), Sky Anjahi Gupta (14), and Soleil Asha Gupta (12). 

Rebecca’s Support to Husband’s Career

Between Rebecca and her husband, the latter is more prevalent in the public eye because of his stellar career at CNN as a chief medical respondent and one of America’s top neurosurgeons. 

However, Dr. Sanjay has never been shy to talk about the incredible role that Rebecca has played in his career. For example, in 2013, he was involved in a controversy after working on ‘Weed, ’a documentary whose aim was to change how the public viewed marijuana. Amid all the fuss, Dr. Sanjah admits that he received a lot of support from his wife. 

When he first got into television, Dr. Sanjay also faced some initial difficulties adjusting to camera life. He reveals that his wife advised him to get the camera lens in front of him to overcome his anxieties. And it worked!

Body Measurements

Rebecca is a beautiful woman—and quite tall too. She stands at around 5’4 and weighs approximately 62 kg. She doesn’t put out a lot of her personal information to the public limelight, so these measurements are mere estimations. 

But, anyone who has seen her can affirm that her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue.

Social Media Activity

Rebecca Olson is pretty much nonexistent on social media platforms. The beautiful law attorney doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account. And while she is on Facebook, most of her posts are private, meaning it’s impossible to see what she shares unless you’re in her close circles. It’s pretty clear that Rebecca loves to live in the ‘real world’ more as opposed to the virtual space.

The same cannot be said of her husband, Dr. Sanjay, who has amassed many followers on his social media platforms over the years. As of January 2021, he has 213K followers on Instagram and 2.5 million followers on Twitter. 

Dr. Sanjay uses his social media accounts to discuss health matters or promote his television programs. 

Overall, Rebecca Olson Gupta is an outstanding woman that has made a lot of contribution, especially in family law. While her husband will continue to take all the attention in the public limelight, she is the dark horse that goes on about her mission silently, but ultimately wins. We can only wish her the very best in whatever pursuit she undertakes.