Here Is What Happened to Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men

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Mountain Men Season 9

Mountain Men just so happens to be another heavily viewed reality TV series on History Channel. See, most of us enjoy the convenience of technology—electricity, smartphones, the internet, electric cookers. You name it. 

However, there are people out there that have chosen to go off-grid altogether. The stars of Mountain Men are great examples. They live independently, void of any form of luxury. 

Food is hard to come by. Each has to brave the harsh mountains to hunt for nutrition. Bears and lions are always threatening their safety. The weather is hardly friendly, especially during the winter seasons.

The show follows several cast members, each with their unique struggle of survival in the wilderness. Today, we focus on one of the stars, Charlie Tucker, particularly what happened to him on the show.

A Brief Intro

If you are a fan of Mountain Men, you probably know who Charlie Tucker is. Sure, he had a brief stint in reality TV, but he was a favorite. He added on the charm of the show in more ways than one.

Simply put, Tucker is a TV personality, fur-trapper, and logger. He became a public figure after appearing on Mountain Men season 2, which aired in 2013. 

There are so many things that Tucker is famous for in the series. Perhaps the most notable is the episode by which the white-bearded man single-handedly built a shelter. 

His fur-trapper skills are also out of this world. The popular mountain man survives in the wild by using his traps and snares to catch food. 

As for his personal life, Tucker is among the long list of celebrities who prefer to keep things under wraps.

There’s no information about his birth, parents, wife, siblings, or any other stuff online. He’s neither on social media nor talks about his personal life on TV. 

All we know is that Tucker has a rich career resume. That’s perhaps why he got into TV in the first place. He was cast into Mountain Men after building a cabin in North Maine Woods using his bare hands.

The cottage has attracted so many local tourists to his home, and eventually, Mountain Men’s producers caught the buzz and approached him for a job in reality TV.

It is said that the producers loved the stubborn nature and willpower of the TV star. They thought the traits would make for good entertainment. 

Why Did He Leave Mountain Men?

Despite being a skilled fur-trapper, Charlie didn’t star on Mountain Men as fans had thought he would. He went off-screen in 2014 after sticking around for two seasons. His last episode was season 3’s ‘No Rest for the Weary.’ 

As many other reality stars do, he went mum about the whole thing. Not a word from him or the network. Fans created all kinds of stories as to what went down. There were firing allegations, resignation theories, and apparent interest in other ventures. So what happened?

The little information we have reveals that Tucker left TV to concentrate on his logger business. It turns out the star developed a deep passion for being a lumberjack.

Well, he was one before going on television, but he hadn’t made it commercial. Now, he has a reputable income source as a logging business owner in North Main Wood. 

His website brings in approximately 100,000 visitors every year. If you know a thing or two about traffic and successfully building websites, you can agree that this is quite impressive. These numbers mean that Tucker is clearly bringing in some extra cash.

Sources estimate Charlie’s net worth to be around $700,000. This number was $500,000 back in 2015, so you can tell the logger and TV personality is rapidly growing his nest egg. The mystery man has never shared whether he has a family of his own.

His ring finger has consistently been devoid of a ring for the time he’s been in the limelight. Now that he’s aged, we genuinely hope he has someone to share the hundreds of thousands of dollars with. 

There it is, the reason Charlie Tucker left Mountain Men. In short, the TV star just decided to do business quietly rather than hunting mountain lions, looking for firewood in the wild, or braving harsh blizzards. With all the comfort and convenience technology brings, who can blame him?

The only sad part is that Tucker didn’t come out clean to say why he left his fans hanging. That would have warmed many hearts in a way. He is, nonetheless, a source of inspiration for many.

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