Gary Golding

Gary Golding, Tarzan of Los Angeles

The Discovery Channel reality show, Naked and Afraid tests the limits of man’s survival instincts. Gary Golding was one of the most memorable survival experts who … Read more

Amber Hargrove

Amber Hargrove, Serial Survivor

Amber Hargrove was one of the toughest cookies we’ve seen on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid challenge. From navigating deep, murky swamps to wrestling alligators, she had … Read more

Laura Zerra

Laura Zerra is not afraid

Surviving in the wilderness, often without food or water, is a challenge elite survivalist Laura Zerra does well. The self-proclaimed nomad is recognizable for being … Read more

how naked and afraid is produced

How “Naked and Afraid” is produced

Naked and Afraid, produced for Discovery Channel by Renegade 83, is among the most popular survivalist reality television shows. Unsurprisingly, putting a nude man and … Read more