This Is the Reason Danny From “Counting Cars” Always Wears a Bandana

Counting Cars’ Danny Koker is no stranger to reality TV enthusiasts, especially those in car restoration. He was once an occasional face on Pawn Stars before History Channel approached him about a business deal of his own. Since then, Counting Cars has become a beloved show.

It is said that Danny initially thought that the first season of the show would be a great opportunity to promote his automobile restoration shop, Count’s Customs. Little did he know that signing his name on the deal would make him very rich and famous. 

Fans love Danny for several reasons. Some admire the shop owner and car enthusiast for his hard work and resilience. He’s done pretty well for a guy that had to teach himself everything he knows.

Counting Cars: Under the Hood Season 1

He’s also quite dedicated, vision-oriented, and stable. Besides running Count’s Customs, the star also has other ventures in his life, including a bar and grill, a tattoo parlor, and a recording station.

Koker is also the leader of his rock band, Customs 77. Quite an impressive collection of accomplishments here!

If you know Danny, you are aware that he never takes off his iconic bandana. The thing almost covers his entire face and head and sometimes gives him a very intimidating look, leaving some of his fans wondering: is Danny Koker a nice guy really, as others claim?

Well, read on to find out more.

Over the years, Danny has been the subject of speculation about the whole bandana topic. So, why does he wear it? Here are possible answers to why you hardly see Danny Koker without a bandana.

To Hide His Tattoos

As a rock musician and an owner of a tattoo business, Danny Koker loves tattoos. He has a number of them on his arms and other areas of his body.

Counting Cars Season 4

Some fans believe that the reality TV star has some unsightly tats on his forehead and uses the bandana to conceal them. Do you think that sounds too crazy? Well, this famous country singer does exactly that!

Those who believe this fact claim that Danny has drawn tattoos of genitals on his forehead. This rumor can clearly be debunked by looking at a photo on this page to see Danny Koker without a bandana.

Staying True To Rock N Roll 

Here’s another myth as far as Danny’s bandana-wearing habit is concerned. See, the car restoration freak isn’t keen on giving answers to such questions; he’d much rather keep things professional than offer information on his looks.

Counting Cars Season 7

That leaves a lot of room for speculation. As a rock and roll singer, there’s a high chance that Danny rocks the bandana to look the part.

After all, he still tours the world with his rock n’ roll band, Customs 77. The bandana completed the look and gave the singer an edge. 

To Conceal A Receding Hairline

Is Danny Cocker bald? Could this be the reason he constantly wears the bandana?

To be honest, this is probably the answer that makes the most sense. One Reddit user offered his point of view on why the leader of Count’s Customs never appears on TV without the bandana.

According to the user, the star is only doing that to hide his bald head. 

‘As a side note, Danny needs to ditch that horrible black bandana and embrace his receding hairline. We are not ignorant. Just flaunt your whole head and accept that you are bald.” Said the user. 

If you think Danny is taking it too far for vanity reasons, you’ve got to check out this guy!

Danny’s real reason for wearing the bandana is not confirmed.

It could be one among the suggestions above or something different. Whatever the case, Danny is a great inspiration to many. And that’s what matters at the end of the day.