How do the “Maine Cabin Masters” work so cheaply? It’s actually quite simple…

Whenever you’ve seen a home renovation or house-hunting show, you’ve probably screamed at your TV in disbelief at the budgets that the cabin renovation crews have at their disposal. Fans of “Homestead Rescue”, for example, have been scratching their heads about the financials behind the sometimes expensive-looking projects on the show.

The crew of builders often deal with unrealistic demands from clients, in addition to limitations imposed by the cabins themselves, and eventually turn the humble structures into beautiful, idyllic homes.

Add to this the increased demand for remote living in uncertain times, with a massive wave of people flooding the countryside to rediscover rural roots. Shouldn’t increased demand make for price hikes as well?

Yet, you can see clients receiving complete cabin makeovers for insanely low prices.

A good example is the DYI network’s Maine Cabin Masters. How can an entire team work for such low pay? Are those budgets real?Does the Maine Cabin Masters budget include labor?

Well, actually, there seem to be several factors playing into this.

How Do Maine Cabin Masters Work So Cheap: Location, Experience, and Upcycling

Main Cabin Masters contractors claim all budgets they work with are real.

Northern Maine has a lower cost of living than other parts of New England. 

Maine Cabin Masters, Season 6

An important factor to consider is the average duration of their work, typically 6–8 weeks.

The fact that they are doing their work efficiently probably saves them a lot of money, and they are not adorning every cabin with the stainless steel template commonly seen in urban environments.

In addition, many upcycled materials are used by the Maine Cabin Masters cast, which northern New England has been doing for years. 

Despite such a frugal approach – or because of it – the cast of the show is rumored to have a more than average net worth between them!

Did you know that the cast is contractually limited to a certain geographical area to do their business in?

The network is footing the bill

Another factor is the network’s involvement.

maine cabin masters production crew
Maine Cabin Masters Production Crew | Source: Instagram

If you follow HGTV’s home renovation hit show Fixer Upper, you might know that the show’s lead personalities are paid an on-air talent fee.

If this is any indication of common industry practice, the Maine Cabin Masters cast might actually be getting paid for what they would usually charge through the DIY Network. 

Clients whose projects are featured on the show then get to benefit from those savings. 

There might also be a small stipend from production pay on construction materials, meaning the entire budget comes from the client. 

Still, it might be supplemented by labor savings, and production gives them a little extra.

How Does Maine Cabin Make Money?

So now you know how this amazing home renovation crew is able to pull off its projects on such insanely low budgets.

But the question still remains, how do they really make money?

First, let’s keep in mind that more and more people are building cabins. According to Chase Morril, the pandemic, unrest across the nation, and a general desire for a quiet place to escape to for a while pushed up the demand for rural cabins.

Of course, this means more business for renovators like the Maine Cabin Masters!

Their clients are their main money-makers. Despite the low budgets you see on the show, the truth is many more of their clients (who you may not see on TV) pay big bucks to renovate or build new cabins.

According to Chase, whose net worth stands at about $600,000, one cabin renovation project can cost as much as $30,000, but it is common for the renovations to cost more depending on the size and nature of the project.

So, next time your cabin-bound friends are scratching their heads wondering how Chase, Ashley, Ryan, Jedi, and Dixie do it, you’ve got the answers, and you can finally let them in on the truth about Maine Cabin Masters.

Are Cabin Masters or Remodeling Yourself More Economical?

When thinking about fixing up your home, you can pick between doing it yourself or getting help from experts like Cabin Masters. Doing it yourself means you can put your own touch on everything and learn lots along the way. It’s great if you’ve got free time and like to get your hands dirty.

Certainly! Below is a compressed comparison in table format:

On the other side, if you choose Cabin Masters, they bring all their know-how to make sure everything goes smooth and fast. This way, you get a top-notch job done without having to worry about the tricky bits. It’s perfect if you want things done quick and right.

FactorDIY RemodelingHiring Professionals (Cabin Masters)
Cost EfficiencyPotentially lower labor costs but risk of higher material costs due to mistakes.Higher initial costs but savings on materials and avoiding costly errors.
Time and EffortSignificant time and effort required, with potential for longer project duration.Less time-consuming for the homeowner, with efficient project completion.
Quality and ExpertiseVaries with individual skill; potential for lower quality work.High-quality work by experienced professionals.
Safety and RegulationsRisk of accidents and overlooking regulations.Compliance with safety and building codes ensured.

So, it’s all about what fits you best. Want to dive in and learn? DIY might be your path. Prefer to sit back and let the pros handle it? Cabin Masters could be the way to go. Either way, making your space better is always a win.