Does Ashley from “Maine Cabin Masters” have health issues? Here is what we know

When a well-known celebrity changes noticeably in appearance, fans will undoubtedly be the first to point it out. 

No less happened when DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters reality star Ashley Morrill gained some weight, changing her appearance from what fans had become accustomed to.

There have been several speculations regarding the reason for her weight gain, including health issues, but in this article, we’ll reveal the real source of her transformation and why she has gained some weight.

Who is Ashley Morrill?

Ashley Rae Morrill became a regular amongst American audiences as part of the leading Cabin Masters crew members alongside her brother Chase Morrill. 

The brother-sister duo navigates Pine Tree State’s remote woods to revive lakeside cabins. 

Ashley is responsible for bringing the rundown cabins to life on the show using her incredible design skills and her unique creative ability. And all on an incredibly reasonable budget!

One of the reasons she’s so good at her work is that she’s been honing her design skills earlier on in life. 

She followed in her father Eric Morrill’s footsteps and got a college degree in graphic design. 

Unfortunately, Eric A. Morrill died after a prolonged battle with cancer in 2014, before his daughter’s debut on the show in 2017. 

Fortunately, Ashley celebrated the milestone with her family, her mom Peggy Morrill and her siblings. Since her debut on the show, it has been a massive success, with its third season alone gaining as much as 3.5 million viewers. 

With a show that garners such success, you’d expect her to dedicate all her time to the franchise, but there’s more to the television star than her public TV appearance.

When she’s not working on the television series, she loves to go on vacation. Another favorite pastime is spending time at her favorite place, Clearwater Lake in Industry, Maine, with hubby Eric Eldridge.

Does Ashley Morril have health issues?

In light of Ashley’s recent weight gain, many fans speculate about the reasons behind the change. Many are asking: what is wrong with Ashley on Maine cabin masters? Is she pregnant?

Some of the most considerable beliefs are that the American television personality expected a baby with Eric Eldridge. 

Since marrying her husband in 2016, the two have not conceived a child, probably one of the reasons fans are badly awaiting for such news. 

To the dismay of some fans, Ashley’s weight gain has had nothing to do with pregnancy. According to TV Over Mind, Ashley is not pregnant, and the married couple remains without a child, although from observation, people could easily say they treat her brother Chase’s children as their own.

In addition to not being pregnant, the American television star seems healthy despite fans’ concerns. 

Although she has gained some weight, it’s not significant enough for pregnancy speculations or health concerns.

Does Ashley from Maine Cabin Masters have a disability? reports that on March 25, 2010, the United States District Court Western District of Washington at Seattle decided on Ashley Morrilll’s disability case. Medical examinations confirmed she has a hearing impairment and Asperger’s disorder, along with attention deficit, sensory integration, and an autism-related disorder.

She was advised to work in a tranquil setting, adhering to a standard work schedule of 8 hours a day, five days a week.

However, her claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, which she filed on April 18, 2008, due to various conditions, including autism, ADD, ADHD, sensory integration, Asperger’s, and auditory processing disorder, was overturned. The court ruled she is indeed capable of employment.

Fans have also wondered, “Does Ashley on Maine cabin masters have MS?” As of the time of this writing, we can confidently say that the reality TV star does not suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

The Bottom Line

There is no public knowledge of Ashley Morrill having health issues, and even if she did, she lives a private life, and we assume it’s something she would want to work out on her own before addressing fans. 

Otherwise, she is happy and healthy and ready to give her fans more entertainment and expertise galore should Maine Cabin Masters be renewed in 2022.

Who Died on Maine Cabin Masters

As of August 2023, no one on Maine Cabin Masters has died. An incident happened at a cabin in Maine where four people died at a house party after what police suspected to be carbon monoxide poisoning. Some fans assumed that the incident involved the cast and crew of Maine Cabin Masters, which wasn’t the case. The bottom line is that no one from the popular reality television show died; everyone on there is alive and kicking as of now.