This is how much the Maine Cabin Masters make

When Chase Morrill and his family first appeared on network television, they quickly became the most popular show on DIY Network.

Maine Cabin Masters star Chase and his sister, Ashley, followed in their father’s footsteps in running the Kennebec Cabin Company.

They are making more than a decent living, despite the fact that their budgets per project appear to be more than fair.

So, how much exactly does the Maine Cabin Masters cast make?

Chase Morrill Net Worth

The contractor and his sister, Ashley, inherited their love of renovation from their father, Eric Morrill, who died of cancer in 2014. Peggy Morrill, the mother of Chase and Ashley, is still alive.

Chase has two children with his wife, Sarah Morrill, a nurse who works for Maine Primary Care Association.

Chase currently works full-time at Kennebec Cabin Company, having earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of the Atlantic in the past. 

He started rebuilding and restoring abandoned structures after he graduated, which has been his primary job to date.

Chase Morrill’s net worth is approximately $600,000. How about the other cast members of Maine Cabin Masters net worth?

Ashley Morrill’s Net Worth

Ashley is Maine Cabin Masters’ creative force, so it’s only natural that she gets good compensation. When it comes to Maine Cabin Masters-led renovations, Ashley does most of the designing, so her take is well-deserved.

According to sources, Ashley’s net worth is roughly $460,000.

Ryan Eldridge Net Worth

Ryan Eldridge is Chase Morrill’s foreman and his brother-in-law. Nothing more is known about Ryan Eldridge other than the fact that he works tirelessly on the production sets.

He brings a great deal of experience to the table and also oversees several projects. Ryan Eldridge has become a fan favorite over the years, which hopefully nets him a decent pay on the show.

Ryan has a net worth of around $400,000.

Dixie’s Net Worth

The most intriguing yet mysterious character on the ‘Maine Cabin Masters cast is undoubtedly Dixie.

His real name is Matthew Dix, and he looks just like the kind of cabin builder you might expect to see on the show. A rugged-looking man with long hair and a beard, Dixie knows how to crack a joke, but also when to get serious.

Dixie is a prominent cast member, and because of it, we assume that his net worth goes along with it. Not much more is known at this point.

He seems to be enjoying life with a special interest in Labrador retrievers, as do his co-stars.

Jedi’s Net Worth

Jedi may be familiar to you, but his real name is Jared Baker. It is unclear where he got that nickname from, but it is a very fitting one for him. In addition to being a popular character, he must also enjoy a significant salary and a high net worth. 

A distinguishing characteristic of Jedi is his long hair and beard, which he hasn’t trimmed in five years. A hockey fan, Jedi also plays as a goalie.

Additionally, he claims to have a hidden talent for performing an unusual breakdance move, which we won’t believe until we see it.

He also has an English Setter named Suzy. As part of the show, Jedi must earn a nice salary, but his net worth is unknown. Several years ago, the team earned $30,000 on a project, which is a good indication of earning opportunities for individual crew members.

Jedi’s net worth must equal a six-figure amount.

Lance Gatcomb’s Net Worth

Gatcomb became famous after appearing on DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters. An experienced builder, Gatcomb joined the show in 2016. The details of his earlier career are unknown.  

Unfortunately, Lance was nowhere to be found when the fourth season of the show premiered in December 2019. Here is what happened to him.

In spite of that, the comical builder gained a loyal following for his spontaneous and unpredictable character on screen. Not surprisingly, Lance believes in hard work and a lot of play. 

Some of his most memorable moments include making doughnuts for the crew members of a motorboat while they were putting up a cabin.

Lance’s exact net worth or salary per episode is unknown.

If you are one of those fans who wondered: how much do Maine Cabin Masters make per episode? Now you know that they make quite a decent living, which is expected. They all work very hard, have excellent creativity and offer a real solution that their target audience is willing to pay for.