Discovering Dubai: The Best Car to Rent

If you’re visiting Dubai, you are almost certainly going to need to find a set of wheels. While public transportation exists, you don’t want to spend your vacation or business trip sitting around waiting for buses that may or may not show up on time. And there are taxis, of course, but you can easily blow your entire travel budget if you take too many cabs.

The obvious answer, of course, is renting. You can find a great range of cars at Rent A Car Dubai to suit whatever needs you have. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Sports vehicles

porsche panamera

What better epitomizes the freedom and excitement of the Emirates than a top-of-the-line sports car? If you plan to cruise around town casually, maybe take a drive along the beach, or go through other areas where you’re sure to be seen, you might want to consider grabbing a snazzy new sports car.

Which model might you choose? Well, it depends on your personal preferences. You might grab a sleek Porsche Panamera, known for its super-powerful engine that is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just over 5 seconds.

Bringing along the whole family? You can find a wide range of large-capacity Mercedes AMGs, for example, which are fine-tuned with special brakes and suspension systems to make you feel like you’re floating on air.

Luxury vehicles

range rover

If you’ve got a special event or business function and really want to impress, you should check out the line of luxury vehicles available for rent in Dubai. You could go for the most historically famous name in luxury cars and get yourself a Rolls Royce. With their superb craftsmanship, elegant designs, and top-notch quality, everyone will know you’re serious when you pull up in one of these.

Or how about a Range Rover Vogue? If you’re going to be driving about throughout the Emirates and want a smooth, easy ride that will catch the attention of everyone around you, check out the newest line of these exquisite luxury cars.

Economy cars

mitsubishi montero

If your vacation is going to be a regular one with no particular theme or occasion to celebrate, you might simply choose to go with a standard economy car. Even if this is your preference, you will have a large range of types and models to choose from.

There is the ever-reliable Nissan, which has proven to be a great choice through many different makes and models. Perhaps a Nissan Sunny, known for its gearbox performance, strong engine, and fuel economy.

Or maybe you’d like a Mitsubishi Montero, an economy model so sleek and powerful that it almost crosses the line into the category of sports cars while retaining the low price and fuel mileage of an economy car.

Electric cars

tesla model y

If you’re really looking to save on fuel, you can always go with an electric model. As the world gets more and more used to these cars, they are proliferating both in number and type. 

How about a Tesla Model Y? Nothing says luxury and performance like the world’s most famous electric car manufacturer. You’ll have the advantage of knowing you’re driving a luxury car and also not wasting money on gas, as all you’ll need to do is charge your car and you’ll be set to go.

Perhaps a Mercedes EQS 580 would suit you. Known for, among other things, its deceptively rapid charging time, this smooth vehicle will take you on an elegant ride and give you the feeling of high performance that you’d get with any standard Mercedes.

Classic cars

chevy camaro

Think about going vintage. You might be surprised at the number of classic models that are still available for rent. Take a trip back to the 1960s with a sumptuous Ford Mustang. They’re not only still around; they’re in excellent shape!

Maybe you’d like to pick up a Chevy Camaro. Relive the excitement of one of the world’s first sports cars. Make it a theme with some vintage swimwear and a trip to the beach.

Whatever your auto needs, you can find it in Dubai

Before you head out on your trip, start looking around online for some wheels that you might grab. Whether you are taking the whole family on a tour around the wider region, heading out on a business trip, or simply riding along the beach for a casual drive before you head off into the water, you want to be sure you’ve got the right car.

Regardless of your preferences, just be sure you’re not stuck waiting for the bus. You want your vacation to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, and the only way to ensure this is to grab your own set of wheels. Start looking now; you’ll be glad you did.