Celebrities who meditate

Celebrities lead a crazy, fast-paced life which can often become too much for them. A tight work schedule with added media pressure is enough to push anyone over the edge. There is a reason why drugs and alcohol became an easy escape for so many celebrities who couldn’t cope well with fame.

Today, many A-listers are well aware of the harmful effects of substance abuse and often try to stick to mindful practices instead. 

This is where meditation came into play, becoming an adopted lifestyle for Tinseltown’s finest. 

Many successful people swear by daily meditation practice that keeps them calm and relaxed amidst the chaos that surrounds them in their everyday lives.

Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is one of the most vocal media personalities who wants everyone to make meditation practices part of their lives. 

She started learning it in 2011 when she invited a meditation instructor in her studio who taught employees the basic technique. Though there are many types of meditation, Oprah practices Transcendental Meditation. This form of meditation specifically helps with an individual’s creativity and productivity. 

Oprah practices this technique twice a day and has called it a life-enhancing experience. She has not only made meditation a part of her life but also of her employees. She also provides them with two meditation breaks during their shifts.

Michael Jordan

michael jordan

One of the most famous people on the planet, the legendary NBA player Michael Jordan knows all about the stress of being a star athlete. He started practicing meditative yoga in the 90s under the guidance of the Meditation Guru George Mumford. 

He taught him the techniques which would help his active thinking mind while playing. Michael said it helped him become more observant and courageous. Instead of fixating on the failures, he focused on recognizing the opportunities. He started approaching his game with this mentality and became one of the most iconic NBA players ever.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena has never shied away from talking about her health struggles, especially with her fans. She has been transparent with them, be it about her autoimmune disease or mental health struggles

After years of suffering, Selena decided to try meditation to keep negative thoughts away. According to Marie Claire, she underwent a therapy program in 2018 that focused on a specific meditation style and Pilates. 

Selena came into the limelight at a very young age, and her major life experiences all happened in front of the camera. 

This kind of media scrutiny can take a toll on anybody’s mental health. Her fans are happy to see that she is finally putting herself first and moving forward in the right direction.

Camila Cabello

Camilla Cabello

In the 2020 lockdown, many people suffered from anxiety issues stemming from the uncertainty of everything around them. As a result of not going out or talking to friends, the stress and fear felt almost paralyzing to many. 

Camila Cabello was also one of these people. She posted a lengthy note on her Instagram talking about how life-changing mediation has been for her. After practicing it for few days, she felt the process of healing had begun for her. 

This not only helped her achieve moments of serenity but also made her a better human being.

Jerry Seinfeld

jerry seinfeld

Often, even your favorite celebrities are accused of following something just to get with the trend. If you truly want to see the result of a trend, then look at the person who has been doing it for the longest time. 

If you are thinking about the long-term benefits of meditation, then you need to see what Jerry has said about it. After all, he hasn’t jumped onto the meditation bandwagon just now. He has been practicing it for the last forty years. 

The famous actor has said he owed his career to meditation. He was able to utilize his full potential because of it. He never once felt extreme stress, even after delivering such a successful sitcom. Meditation helped him get the absolute rest at night, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible for him.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Since the 2010s, Katy Perry has released some of the biggest chartbusters. With such huge success comes the great responsibility of a lot of touring and putting on a great show – on and off-stage.

That seemed especially true after her ex-husband broke the news of their divorce. 

Incidents of public humiliation like these are enough to crumble anyone’s self-esteem. But Katy Perry found the solace in meditation and used it to keep herself calm in the moments of madness. Oh, and did you know that her real name is not Katy Perry?

Ellen DeGeneres


In 2013, Ellen also told her viewers that she has been practicing meditation for the last three years. She also got into it to get in touch with her inner core. Since telling this, she frequently invites meditation instructors to her show to make people more aware of its different styles and their impact.