7 Celebrities Who Vape

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan vape

Controversy follows her everywhere, which is why when she pulled out her e-cig in the year 2011, the world couldn’t stop talking about her. Lindsay was among the first celebrities to embrace the vaping culture. We will give her credit on this one though! With her rather dark history with drug abuse and heavy smoking, this was indeed the first step in the right direction. Way to go Lindsay!

Johnny Depp

johnny depp vaping

You knew he had to be a part of this list now, didn’t you? Remember the movie “The Tourist” where he openly inhaled the vaporizer on a train? You may not know it but that was an actual electronic cigarette. The sensational movie star smokes his e-cig in movies, on the streets, during red carpet events, and who knows, maybe he does it in the shower too! We’ll admit he looks good inhaling that vapor though.

Katherine Heigl

katherine heigl vape

She has starred in a number of movies and TV shows but perhaps her role in Grey’s Anatomy made fans fall in love with her immensely. Apparently, she has joined the vaping bandwagon as recently seen during a live TV interview with David Letterman. Katherine’s daring attitude towards smoking electronic cigarettes can be validated though. The lady was hooked to tobacco cigarette smoking for the longest time—so this, like Lindsay, is good for her!

Katy Perry

katy perry vaping

Next on the list is the “California Girls” singer, Katy Perry. Her love for vaping is evident as she flaunts her vape pen everywhere she goes. During this year’s Labor Day celebrations, Katy was filmed enjoying an e-cigarette while holding a beer bottle on the other hand. She was also photographed sharing a vaporizer with the famous Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes at the beginning of the year. As long as Katy keeps her head in the game, we will not have a problem with her.

Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson vaping

This one is perhaps the least expected name on the list. When we think of Twilight, we imagine a sweet, innocent boy who will never hold a vape pen. Well, turns out he is in the loop too. Sigh. Just like Kathrine Heigl and Lindsay Lohan, we will let this one pass because e-cig has tremendously helped him quit his past heavy cigarette smoking habit.

Leonardo Dicaprio

leonardo di caprio vapes

Leo is the face of vaping, no doubt about it. His electronic cigarette stays with him around the clock. He was first spotted smoking his vaporizer during the SAG Awards in 2011 and since then, the graph keeps going up. His incessant smoking might have contributed to the vaping ban in the 2016 Oscars.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson vaping

We finish our list with the influential movie star, Samuel L. Jackson. You don’t need to hear it from anyone; the guy is always surrounded by smoke in almost all his movie scenes. His smoking style makes you want to take a puff. He is just one of those guys who make vaping seem cool and classy.

Whether you approve of celebrities who vape or not is up to you. But the people on this list seem to enjoy vaping, and as long as they keep entertaining us, we will leave the health experts to do their job.