Celebrities Who Play D & D

Joe Manganiello

When you think of Dungeons & Dragons, Joe Manganiello’s name always comes to mind. He not only loves to play but also seeks to oppose the allegations that it has demonic ties. According to the True Blood actor, people just don’t get the gist of the game. Joe, in fact, attributes his fantastic storytelling prowess on D & D. When he is not on set filming an episode of Sabotage or Magic Mike, he is hanging out with his beautiful wife Sofia Vergara, but in most instances, he is in some sort of a D & D group escapade.

Tim Duncan

NBA stars don’t spend all day drifting balls. They engage their minds in video games as well. Tim Duncan is one such star who doesn’t shy away from his love for D & D. The exceptional basketball player spoke to the San Antonio Newspaper back in1997 about this exciting hobby that takes most of his free time. Could this be the reason why he has a wizard tattoo on his left arm?

Vin Diesel

People took notice of Vin Diesel when he picked up a role in Saving Private Ryan and the movie series The Fast and the Furious. We also remember his deep, assuring voice as Groot in the famous Guardians of the Galaxy film. Vin Diesel is one of the many celebrities who have been known to advocate for D & D. His passion for the game is evident as he has been repeatedly seen in some videos and a number of other mediums as a compulsive D & D gamer.

Felicia Day

The first woman on our list of celebrities who play D & D is The Guild star, Felicia Day. Her TV skills span across acting, producing, writing and creating remarkable films. Felicia’s life literally revolves around sci-fi, role-playing, and gaming in general. Her role in The Guild depicts her life as a gaming enthusiast. In addition to this, Felicia wrote and starred in Dragon Age: Redemption in 2011.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is yet another D & D gamer who makes zero apologies about it. His biggest acting career breakthroughs include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stand By Me and The Big BangTheory. His, video blog, Tabletop, depicts his immense passion for role-playing and tabletop games.

Mike Myers

People had no idea the award-winning and SNL alumnus loves role-playing. We probably thought he prefers board games or better still, cracking people up in a bar or something. Apparently, the Austin Powers, Shrek, and Wayne’s World star admitted to being an incessant D & D gamer since 2001.

Looking for an out-of-this-world experience to occupy your free time? D & D could be it. Post your escapades on your social media platforms and tag all your friends and family. Who knows, perhaps you could be playing against your own dad next!