What is Redneck From Tanked Doing Now?

Aside from the amazingly breathtaking fish tanks, one reason Animal Planet’s Tanked was such an awesome show was that everyone played an important role, making each episode of the reality TV series something to look forward to.

Robert Christlieb, also known as Robbie Redneck, was the manager at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and brought such great charm to our screens.

So, if you are curious and wondering what is Redneck from Tanked doing now since the show ended, you’ve come to the right place! Read in for the low down on what really happened to this reality television star.

Who is Redneck From Tanked?

Robert “Robbie Redneck” Chriestlieb was not only the manager at the fish tank-making company, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). Most importantly, he was the company’s chief plumber and marine technician.

His role involved overseeing the fish tank-making process, ensuring that quality control is at its best for small, medium or gigantic tanks.

Not much is known about Robbie Redneck’s background. The reality star seems to prefer a private personal life and has never referred to his family, whether that’s a wife or kids.

We also know very little about Redneck’s upbringing, including where he was born, his parents and siblings, and his professional background.

That said, one thing that’s clear is that Redneck loved his job at ATS and did it to the fullest, a big reason fans love the TV star. As a technician, for example, he showed us that he was excellent with the laser cutter and therefore was in a position to supervise fish tank designers and artists.

Robbie Redneck Was a Target of Pranks at ATS

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing owners Brett Raymer and Wayde King made Tanked more interesting with their practical jokes and pranks.

Poor Robbie Redneck became the butt of jokes as Raymer and King performed all kinds of pranks on him, but he never seemed to learn his lessons.

One time the business partners drove Robbie’s trailer home to the middle of the desert while he slept in it. As you can imagine, Redneck was incredibly surprised when he woke up in his trailer home and found himself in the middle of nowhere!

But, to be fair, Robbie was also in on the practical jokes and pranks Brett and King played on each other and usually helped either of the guys get back at each other.

He Ensured Clients Got Value For Money

A lot goes on in an acrylic tank company to ensure the end product is high quality and meets the client’s needs. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you are dealing with larger-than-life tanks ordered by celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Tracy Morgan and many others.

Robbie played a key role in supervising newly made aquariums, working with designers, artists and the management, and ensuring that clients got the best exotic fish tanks their money could buy.

Keep in mind that many celebrities came to ATM for custom fish tanks. So, quality control was particularly important because one bad word by a celebrity could potentially ruin the entire company. This is why Robbie was big on quality control and value for money.

Where is Redneck from Tanked Now?

The news from Animal Planet that the hit reality television series Tanked would be cancelled was shocking and unfortunate, catching fans by surprise. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and that’s what happened to the American reality TV show.

As is usual, when a show ends, the cast members move on to do other things. In the case of Robbie, he found a job with another aquarium company and as far as we can tell, that’s what Redneck from Tanked is doing right now.

In a Facebook post dated September 16, 2022, Chriestlieb shared a link to a website for Ocean Gallery USA, aquatic fish-tank makers quite similar to ATM.

According to Ocean Gallery, they build custom water items and cabinetry at their El Paso, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada facilities.

If this company sounds too similar to ATM, it’s because Wayde King actually trained the founder, Miguel Mercado.

“I strived to learn how to build aquariums, and I did with the friendship and help of Wayde King, star of the hit TV show Tanked. He taught us how to build custom acrylic aquariums and all that’s involved in acrylic fabrication,” Mercado explained.

Reacting to the Facebook post, a fan asked Robbie Redneck whether this meant he had found a new job and was moving to Texas. The reality TV star responded that he does work for Ocean Gallery USA but hasn’t moved to Texas. This response means Redneck still lives and works in Sin City.

He Does More Than Make Fish Tanks

On his Facebook bio, one thing that stands out is Robert Christlieb’s assertion that he works with more than fish tanks. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given how smart and versatile he proved to be on Tanked.

In addition to acrylic tank-making, Robbie also makes excellent cabinetry and posts his creations on Facebook, much to his fans’ delight.

In one post, he shared a beautiful, rich dressing mirror, which he captioned, “This is my latest creation; sorry, my fans, it is not a fish tank.” Even though his followers knew him for making tanks, they were very happy with his piece of furniture, with many complimenting his skill and telling him how much they missed the show and him.

How Much is Redneck from Tanked Worth?

Redneck’s net worth is about $1 million dollars. Most of his income can be attributed to his job at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and Ocean Gallery. But, he also makes and sells custom furniture, so that is also a solid source of income that contributes to his net worth. Lastly, Redneck definitely earned a neat amount through his appearance on Tanked, which lasted for fifteen seasons.

So, there you are! I hope with these deets we have answered your curiosity about what happened to Redneck from Tanked.