What Happened To Tasha On Dr. Jeff?

If you’ve been a fan of Animal Planet’s hit reality TV show Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet right from the beginning, you definitely got to meet lead veterinary assistant, Tasha.

She wasn’t just friendly and compassionate, she could also be tough, resolved, and extremely committed to doing what was best for the animals brought to the clinic.

But, after gracing our screens for all of two episodes, the bubbly vet was nowhere to be seen. So, what happened to Tasha on Dr. Jeff? We dish out the deets!

Just Who Is Tasha?

Before finding out why she vamoosed from Dr. Jeff, here’s a bit of Tasha’s backstory: Born Natasha Crabtree, she is originally from California and got involved with caring for animals from a young age.

She attended vet school at Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas where she graduated with an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Veterinary and qualified as a veterinary technician. Tasha, as she is popularly known, is currently enrolled at the Oregon State University for pre-veterinary studies and is set to graduate in 2024. You go girl!

Crabtree worked in numerous clinics across America before finally finding Dr. Jeff’s Planned Pethood Plus clinic in Denver, Colorado and the rest as they say, is history. Her skills and experience earned her the position of Head Veterinary Technician at the famed clinic where she worked from August 2011 to December 2015.

Why Did Tasha Leave Dr. Jeff?

Tasha was a major cast member, playing a leading role in helping Dr. Jeff Young and the rest of the staff handle the numerous pet surgeries, emergencies, and field visits. We see her literally keeping the clinic sane and running as best as it should.

The hard-hitting vet technician appeared on the first and second season of the reality TV show. Her wit and experience coupled with friendliness and compassion quickly made her a fan favorite.

If we didn’t see Tasha on even just one episode, her brief absence wouldn’t go unnoticed. So, when she didn’t come back after the second season, we all wondered what happened to her. Did she have a beef with Dr. Young or with the rest of the staff?

Well, what happened to Tasha is that she left the show due to relocation from Denver to Las Vegas. It isn’t clear whether she had to move for another job or personal reasons but it seems like she is in good terms with Dr. Jeff and the team.

She still mentions #DrJeff and #AnimalPlanet on her social media profiles, a sign that even though they parted ways, they’re still good friends and colleagues.


Where is Tasha Now?

The cheerful vet technician currently lives in Las Vegas and has a new job as the veterinary services supervisor at The Animal Foundation, which is among the largest single-site animal shelters in the USA. Soon after leaving the popular reality TV show, it seems that she went ahead and started her own business offering veterinary technician relief services. Whew! There’s no stopping this girl!

Even though the Rocky Mountain Vet show continued airing without Tasha, her absence was surely felt and we cannot forget the joyful, kindhearted, but spirited mood she brought to the clinic and to the homes of pet owners and lovers who watched her from all over the world. Whether or not she’ll make a comeback is anyone’s guess for now.

All in all, we are happy that she’s still doing what she knows best—caring for animals and we wish her all the best in her professional and personal life!