What Happened to Doyle on Judge Mathis?

If you are a courtroom TV fan, the long-running Judge Mathis series is probably one of your favorites! The humor, authenticity, relatable small-claims cases, and the judge’s gregarious personality make this show a must-watch.

Oh, and who can forget the “chemistry” between Judge Mathis and his long-time bailiff, Doyle Devereux? These two had such a chemistry; their deep friendship was imminent and really added to the show’s massive popularity.

The Judge Mathis series ended in early 2023, and since then, fans have been asking what happened to Doyle on Judge Mathis.

Read on for the tea on what really happened to the bailiff on Judge Mathis.

Who is Officer Doyle on Judge Mathis?

An actor, writer, and producer, Doyle Devereux gained quite a bit of fame for a while, but his star dimmed a bit, considering he hasn’t been in as many films as fans would expect him to be.

What happened to him?

As a budding actor, Doyle claims to have struggled quite a bit to land well-paying roles and even shared a house with five other roommates.

Devereux started acting at a young age and finally made his Hollywood debut with the 1991 movie Only the Lonely, where he was featured as Tuxedo Salesman.

His next big-time movie, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, where he played the museum employee, came out in 2010, propelling him to global fame.

After that, he landed a lead role in the show Doug’s Christmas (2014), a wartime movie, where he played Father Galt.

Doyle Devereux was born in Chicago in 1966. He’s always praised his dad for being his and his sister’s greatest support system. Devereux’s sister, Monica, is a well-known choreographer and actress, most notably for the film Experiences in Adventures in Babysitting.

Probably Doyle’s most notable role is on television as the bailiff on the popular Judge Mathis live-stream reality show. He held this role from 2003 to 2023, when the curtains closed on the much-loved courtroom show.

Doyle and Judge Mathis are close, long-time friends and share an enviable connection on and off-screen. On the Judge Mathis television set, they treat their audience and viewers with clever banter that really spices up the show.

So, What Happened to Doyle on Judge Mathis?

You’ve probably heard the news that a former bailiff on Judge Mathis died tragically. Naturally, many fans have been wondering whether it was Doyle Devereux who died.

Thankfully, Doyle on Judge Mathis is still alive and kicking.

That said, it is true that a Judge Mathis bailiff lost his life after falling from a 24th-floor condo in Chicago. Brendon Anthony Moran, the show’s first bailiff, passed away on December 19, 2002, and his death was ruled a homicide, although his and Mathis’ families thought differently.

After his stint on the Judge Mathis show, which ended in February 2023, Devereux seemingly disappeared from showbiz. To date, little is known about his whereabouts or what he’s up to.

A quick look at his socials, specifically Instagram, shows that he’s made his account private. This makes it even harder to know just what is going on with the former, much-adored bailiff.

In January 2022, Judge Mathis posted an Instagram picture of himself and Doyle and, in the caption, asked followers to keep the bailiff in their prayers as he had recently lost his parents in succession.

“My long-time friend and bailiff just lost his mom. He also recently lost his dad. Join me in lifting up Doyle and his family in prayer during this difficult time. Sending you much love, Doyle,” Mathis wrote in the post.

Devereux didn’t publicly speak about the loss of his parents, choosing instead to maintain privacy. Of course, we wish Doyle the best wherever he is and hope he’s doing well.

Why Did Judge Mathis Get Canceled?

In February 2023, Warner Bros. announced that the 24th season of Judge Mathis would be the last, and the final episode would air in May 2023.

Soon after the announcement, Greg Mathis took to social media to explain to curious fans the reason for the cancelation.

“I am sure by now you know that Warner Brothers is leaving the judge show business and canceling the People’s Court and Me. The good news is that the other studios are still in the judge show business and as you can see with this robe on, something might be happening real soon,” he said in the selfie video.

He also reaffirmed his commitment to working with Black creatives and businesses to provide more airtime and create more opportunities to hire and air people of color.

Soon after the cancellation announcement by Warner Bros., the Allen Media Group, owned by Byron Allen, leveraged the opportunity and grabbed Judge Mathis’s services for a new show.

Mathis Court with Judge Mathis premiered September 11, 2023, joining eight other courtroom shows on Justice Central, including Justice with Judge Mablean, Justice For All With Judge Perez, and Equal Justice With Judge Eboni Williams, among others.

Judge Mathis also announced that his son, Amir Mathis, would be his bailiff on the new Mathis Court show.

Is Doyle On Judge Mathis A Real Bailiff?

Hard as it may be to believe, Doyle on Judge Mathis is not a real bailiff! He’s never been a cop or even a member of the armed forces; he has no training or background in law enforcement.

In an interview published in the Hour Detroit news magazine, Devereux admitted that he has never been a real-life bailiff.

“The show is real, the audience is real, and the cases are real. The one thing that may be a bit fake about the show is me,” the actor quipped.

Well, let’s just say Doyle Devereux is a pretty good actor, and the fact that they shared great chemistry with Judge Mathis made the show one of the best of all time.