From cartoons, soaps, family comedies to ‘90 reality series, more shows are getting new lives on cable networks and TV streaming services. However, there seems to be one common problem with these revivals: while fans are always thrilled to see their favorite characters again, some often feel let down by missing characters, change of characters, or how life, behavior, or relationship of characters are portrayed.

A good example of a revival that raised a lot of questions is the Roseanne. When the ‘90s TV show made a comeback in March 2018, fans were super excited to see some of their favorite actors and actresses back on screen.

However, while most of the original cast members made an appearance in the reboot, some characters like Mark Healy were missing. This brought a lot of issues among the lovers of the show. For instance, fans are still asking why Mark wasn’t included on the Roseanne reboot.

If you are a fan of the show, I bet you know that Glenn Quinn who played Mark Healy died in 2002. Regardless, how did Mark die on the show?

A brief history of Mark’s Role

For people who are hearing Roseanne for the first time, Mark Healy (played by Glenn Quinn) was introduced in Season 3 of the original Roseanne show as a guest star and recurred for the remainder of the show’s 9-season until 1997 when the show ended. During the show’s run, Mark was Becky’s boyfriend (and later husband). Unfortunately, in 2002, Quinn died of an accidental cocaine overdose.

So, with a revival, eagle-eyed fans became worried about what was going to happen to Mark. Was he going to be recast or was the show not going to address him at all?

Hint from the “Eggs Over, Not Easy” Episode

In the “Eggs Over, Not Easy” episode, Becky visits a doctor in an attempt to become a surrogate for Andrea. However, she is disappointed when the doctor tells her that her eggs are at an advanced age and she can’t conceive.

Later in the episode, as Becky and Darlene talk about the aftermath of the appointment, they mention the death of Becky’s husband, Mark. Apparently, the couple was trying to have kids when Mark passed away. Besides, Jackie later says that she understands that Becky must have had hard time since her husband passed on.

From these brief family talks, it sounds as if Mark’s death is an event that occurred in the recent past. What’s more, while Jackie is cautious with her words, Becky isn’t moved much; it seems to be a fact of life for now.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, from the “Eggs Over, Not Easy” episode, you can now figure out what happened to Mark on Roseanne. It seems that this is the episode that the Roseanne team used to explain what really happened to Mark. In fact, it is not a surprise that the producers of the Roseanne reboot chose to hint or let viewers know what happened to the character of Mark at this stage given that the actor who played Mark in the original run died in 2002. Put simply, the death of character Mark at this stage was a good way of honoring Glenn Quinn.