What Does BatDad Do for a Living?

We prefer to be entertained. Whether you are commuting on the subway, waiting to be called for scary presentation, or trying to dodge a conversation with a boring workmate. You want something that gets the job done quickly.

But do you believe that you can get such kind of entertainment from an ordinary man with a cheap batman mask, a Smartphone, and a beautiful family?

Enter the case of the BatDad.

Blake Wilson, aka BatDad, transformed day-to-day parenting activities into amazing little jokes and made ‘vines’ out of them (before the platform went offline).

Unexpectedly, the vines (and later YouTube videos) became viral and BatDad received a massive following on the internet.

As we all know, gaining a huge following over the internet can result in record contracts, advertising endorsements or lucrative television appearances. For some people, even well-paid contracts with modeling agencies—and of course, cold cash. But did it happen to Wilson Blake?

First things first, Batman’s net worth is estimated to be about $250,000. Is it related to viral vines and YouTube videos? And what does he do for a living?

Let’s find out.

YouTube Earnings

To keep you on the loop, let’s begin with a quick history of Blake’s work: BatDad was discovered on 1st August 2013 after posting the first 3 videos on Vine. Due to the uniqueness of his videos, he attracted a lot of views which led to his instant fame on the platform.

He went to create more vines and ended up with over 3.5 million followers before Vine was shut down.

Like other Viners, he switched to YouTube and began growing his channel by first making a compilation of his vines. He has since uploaded more videos and has managed to steadily grow the channel to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and tens of millions of viewers.

Considering that we are living in an age where unique content generates a good income from ads, product endorsements, and personal sponsorships, it is highly likely that BatDad earns his living majorly or partially through creating funny parenting videos on YouTube.

Earnings on YouTube are a bit difficult to calculate given that they depend on several factors. However, on average, most YouTubers earn between $3 and $5per 1000 views. Currently, BatDad’s channel boasts of over 63 million views, which translates to over $126,000.

If you love figures, this is still below the estimated net worth of $250,000, right? Well, it means that there could be other streams of income for this internet star.

Book Publishing

Besides his social work, Blake also published a book titled BatDad: A Parody, which majorly focused on his fictional character.

Each page of the book contains a picture of BatDad in different funny situations with added caption—and occasionally a few curse words.

Since we can not associate Wilson with any other real job, we can easily say that the book also contributed to his net worth.

Bat Dad Divorce

Since his wife plays a big part in Blake’s videos, it’s worth point out that the two are no longer together. Fans had been raising concerns about the couple’s relationship after Jen had been absent from recent clips. Blake later confirmed that they had indeed separated. On the positive side: the two are in good terms and continue to co-parent their children.


While BatDad videos are mainly about a hilarious guy making fun of normal parenting and family life, I believe we can take a little something from his case: making yourself an internet sensation can pay the bills big time.

If you forgot, the guy’s net worth is over $250,000 and he drives a Chevrolet Tahoe and a GM SUV!

Internet fame doesn’t work for everybody though. One has to be on the right platform, at the right time. If you’ve already missed that boat, there is still good ol’ Reality TV. Simply get married to more than one person or, get married to a 90-day fiance and fame will follow.