Thrilling Finds on Pawn Stars: The Greatest Sports Memorabilia Sold on the Show

Are you both a sports buff and Pawn Stars fan? You probably love the episodes featuring sports memorabilia as much as we do.

Neither Rick, Corey, nor Chumlee makes a secret of their love for and sheer fascination with sports mementos. These guys have seen their fair share of special items in the sports world, from glittering players’ rings to autographed balls and jerseys to sneakers worth millions of dollars.

We, too, have our favorites! Here is a list of the most famous sports memorabilia on Pawn Stars we can’t get enough of!

An Autographed Copy of Babe Ruth’s Called Shot

An amateur sports memorabilia collector came to the Gold & Silver Pawn shop with an autographed photo of Babe Ruth.

The photo is believed to have been taken moments after Babe Ruth hit one of the most famous home runs in the history of the World Series on October 1, 1932, in the game between Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees.

Ruth was a larger-than-life legend who turned America’s favorite sport on its head. He unleashed an offensive onslaught that increased the number of batting averages, home runs and runs scored for his team. He was like fireworks on the field! But that’s not all—Ruth’s impact extended far beyond individual achievements.

Ruth played a big role in assembling the mighty Yankee dynasty of the 1920s and early 1930s. With his bat leading the charge, the Yankees were unstoppable. Between 1921 and 1932, they clinched an incredible seven pennants and four World Series titles. Talk about dominance!

The famous player left an indelible mark on the sport, making any of his memorabilia incredibly valuable. Rick and the Old Man parted with $1,100 for this particular autographed photo, which the seller considered a pretty good deal.

Michael Jordan’s Worn Autographed Jersey

In September 2022, NPR reported that a worn and autographed Michael Jordan jersey had sold for $10 million at an auction. Dizzying as they may be, these figures are unsurprising given Jordan’s status in the world of sports.

Considered one of the undisputed NBA champs, Jordan reigned supreme, leaving fans and foes alike in awe of his unparalleled skills.

So when a collector came to Rick with a signed Jordan jersey that he wore on the NBA’s 50th anniversary, the Pawn Stars star couldn’t hide his excitement. His sports memorabilia authenticator valued the jersey at about $135,000, and the owner could take at least $125,000. Ultimately, Rick was unwilling to pay that price and had to walk away empty-handed.

Miami Heat 2006 Championship Ring

Led by the dynamic duo of Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O’Neal, the Miami Heat team etched their names in history as they clinched their very first World Champions title in 2006.

As a token of this momentous victory, the team was presented with a stunning ring, a sparkling testament to the historic victory. It is a ring fit for a champion, a true collector’s item that embodies the spirit of triumph and a lifetime of memories.

The ring is one of the top NBA memorabilia of all time. It spots 37 dazzling real diamonds encircling the words “WORLD CHAMPIONS,” a basketball and hoop combination bedazzled with even more diamonds. Talk about luxury on your finger!

That’s not all—the ring’s got some serious personal touches too. One side proudly bears the name “SPELLMAN,” along with the uplifting phrases “15 STRONG,” “FAITH,” and the magical year of “2006.” On the other side, you’ll find the team name, the iconic NBA logo, the fiery Heat logo, and the heartwarming word “FAMILY.”

Championship rings are very collectible, but Rick Harrison wasn’t willing to part with the $20,000 the owner requested. The best he could offer was nine grand, but the seller couldn’t let it go for anything less than $12,000 and therefore had to look for a better deal elsewhere.

Michael Jordan Space Jam Sneakers

Space Jam still holds the record as the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time. The movie hired 150 animators to help merge the worlds of animation and live-action.

There are many awesome things about that flick, but what sealed the deal was that the basketball legend, Michael Jordan, was featured there.

If you’re a Space Jam and Jordan fan, here’s a little fact that might interest you: After filming, Michael Jordan gave the pair of sneakers he wore in the movie to one of the staff working on the set. The person who owned the shoes on Pawn Stars got them from a relative of the staff who received them from Jordan.

Now, we all know anything with Michael Jordan’s name on it automatically “turns” into gold, and this pair of sneakers is no exception.

Chumlee, with his love for Jordan and basketball, was certainly excited about the shoes. Still, since Rick doesn’t know much about the shoe business, he was genuinely surprised when the appraiser valued those MJ sneakers at half a million dollars.

Walter Payton Signed Football

Walter Payton, the man everyone lovingly calls “Sweetness,” was a blazing star on the football field, sprinting through defenses, shattering records and earning himself a whopping nine Pro Bowl selections during his illustrious career with the Chicago Bears.

Aside from his legacy in the gridiron, this superstar was known for his charitable work, proving that he was as sweet in character as he was on the turf.

On the fateful day of November 1, 1999, the world mourned this extraordinary athlete’s loss after a brave battle with bile duct cancer, leaving behind a void that could never be filled.

Given his iconic status, a ball bearing Walter Payton’s name, nickname and signature would definitely turn heads. The only downside is that the ball commemorated the 30th Super Bowl, a game Walter did not play, so that knocked down the ball’s value a little bit.

The owner wanted $2,500 for the memorabilia, but Corey Harrison’s best offer was $1500. As a die-hard Bears fan, the owner couldn’t keep the ball in his house and had no choice but to accept Corey’s offer.

Although this is only part of the list of sports memorabilia on Pawn Stars, the items featured here are some of the most notable. What are some of your favorite sports items on the show?