When Beyoncé met Selena

Lo más bello! That’s the title of episode 6 of Selena: The Series. There’s a reason why this particular season created so much buzz. Hint: It’s about Queen Bey herself!

Well, the episode is not really about Beyoncé. A childhood representation of herself features in a small part of the episode but still…it is a big deal!

We see young Beyonce saying hello to the popular Spanish singer Selena in the series. Did this happen in real life? Did Beyoncé meet Selena Quintanilla, or was this part of the episode added to create buzz?

The truth might surprise you! Read on for the backstory on the connection between Queen Bey and the Queen of Tejano.

Is Beyoncé In Selena: The Series?

In the sixth episode of Selena: The Series, we see the height of Selena Quintanilla’s fame when a young girl is left completely mystified after noticing the late singer at a mall. Soon after, the girl’s mom admonishes her for being shy, revealing that the young girl is Beyoncé Knowles!

The real Beyoncé did not appear in the Selena series on Netflix. However, a representation of her younger self espoused by singer and actress Giovanna Bush was portrayed in the series, and it took everyone by surprise.

In this scene, two African American girls walk around in an outdoor mall as they go to a frozen yogurt shop. Suddenly, the older girl stops walking and looks stupefied after noticing Selena, a singer she had been listening to on the radio on repeat.

“Who are you looking at? Who is that?” the mum asks in a confused tone. The girl simply replies, “Selena.” The mom asks who Selena is, and the girl, still staring at Selena, says, “The famous singer, be quiet.”

Upon learning this, the mom encourages the young girl to approach Selena, saying, “You are a singer, too. Tell her.”

When Selena passes by, she notices the girl staring. The Spanish singer says ”Hey” to which the girl responds with a shocked “Hi.”

We then find out just who this girl is when her mom starts reproaching her, saying, “Beyoncé Knowles, you must learn not to be afraid of people if you want to be famous too.” Clearly, it has been Beyoncé, Solange Knowles, and Tina Knowles since the beginning!

Did Beyoncé Ever Cross Paths With Selena?

Yes! Beyonce did meet Selena Quintanilla-Perez in real-life. A real-life encounter inspires the one-minute-long scene in the series. When Beyoncé was 12 years old, many years before her rise to stardom, she came across the super popular Tejana musician at the Houston, Texas Galleria mall.

In an interview with MTV Tres, Beyonce talked about the incident saying, “I didn’t say much to Selena. I wasn’t a celebrity so I said a quick hello and kept things moving.”

Queen Bey has repeatedly talked about how much inspiration she drew from Selena as a musician, especially given that they both grew up in Texas, Selena in Lake Jackson and Beyonce in Houston.

She said, “Growing up in Texas, I listened to Selena on the radio Even though I did not know exactly what she was saying, I think listening to her album helped me in the studio with pronunciation.”

She added that she was happy to have met Selena in person, despite her not knowing Beyoncé, who, at the time, was still a child dreaming about Hollywood. Now that is a full-circle moment!

Was Beyoncé A Serena Quitanilla Fan?

In an interview with People en Espanol in 2007, where Beyonce was promoting the Spanish songs on her album B’Dy Delux Edition, she said that Selena, whose tragic death shocked the world, is close to her heart because they both grew up in Texas.

Beyonce recalled, “I grew up in Texas, and one of my good friends from my hometown is Mexican, and she is the one who introduced me to Selena’s album, which I listened to all the time.”

Who Is The Young Beyoncé in the Selena Series?

Actress and Singer Giovanna Bush portrays young Beyoncé Knowles in the series. Bush not only resembles young Beyoncé in real life, but she also sounds a lot like her.

The actress hails from Los Angeles and has appeared on Just Roll With It, a Disney Channel production.

Bush is obviously over the moon to play the role of one of the biggest music icons in the world. In an Instagram post, the youngster gushed and shared behind-the-scenes pictures saying, “When you play an icon @beyonce in a series about a legend @selenaqoffficial.” She further hoped that she had made Beyoncé proud with her TV performance.

So, there you have iT: If you wondered, did Beyoncé meet Selena Qunatinilla? The answer is yes! Young Beyoncé was lucky enough to have met Selena even for just a few minutes and for Selena to acknowledge her.

Unfortunately, Selena later died at only 23 years old under tragic circumstances.