Which 90 Day Fiance Couples Are Still Together?

As fans eagerly await the next season of the hit reality TV show 90 Days Fiance, one can’t help but wonder which couples are still together to date.

While some were doomed right from the beginning – take, for example, Jorge and Anfisa, or Danielle or Mohammed – many of the couples have stayed strong and even started their own families. Here are some of the ones who are serious #couplegoals:

Kalani and Aseulu

90 day fiance kalani and asuelu

Kalani, who hails from California met Aseulu a Samoan, while she was vacationing in his home country. The pair joined the reality show in season 6 in October where we see them in the throes of applying for a K-1 visa to get Aseulu to the US. The two tied the knot in September 2018 in the United States (US) and have since had two boys, Oliver and Kennedy, aged 2 and 1 respectively.

Michael and Juliana

90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen and Juliana

Fans met Michael and Juliana in season 7 and their huge age difference coupled with a difficult immigration process did make for good TV. Juliana, a 24-year old Brazilian model met Michael, 42, who is from Connecticut on a yacht in Croatia and married in October 2019.

Interestingly, Michael’s ex-wife Sarah with whom he shares two children officiated the wedding. Despite the awkward family dynamic, Juliana and Sarah seem to be getting along really well and the kids have taken well to their new stepmom too.

As one of TLC’s most drama-free couples, the 2 appear happy together, as one can easily see in a reunion tell-all special, filmed in December 2019.

Russ and Paola

russ and paola 90 day fiance

If you are one of those who’ve been glued to the show since the beginning, you probably remember Russ and Paola. Russ, an Oklahoma native met Paola, a model, and fitness buff while he was working in Columbia.

They had to overcome a lot of challenges mostly coming from Russ’s family but the lovebirds eventually wed in October 2013. Seven years later, they welcomed their first child, Axel, on New Year’s Eve of 2019.

Josh and Aleksandra

josh and aleksandra 90 day fiance

Josh and Aleksandra were arguably among the youngest couple on the show. They met in Prague while he was on a Mormon mission and she was a college student. After pursuing a long-distance relationship for a while, Josh proposed in 2015 and quickly married the same year in the US.

Soon after, they got pregnant with their first daughter and in 2018 the family moved to Australia for Josh’s studies in medicine. During this time, Aleksandra gave birth to their second child and from the few photos we’ve seen, the two are still happy doing life together.

Brett and Daya

90 day fiance brett daya

These two lovebirds from season 2 had a pretty tumultuous dating experience. Brett, a divorcee with a child, and Daya who is from the Philippines met on an online dating site after which she moved to the US.

Daya was met with so much hostility from Brett’s family, especially his mum, and the gorgeous Philipina had a hard time connecting with Brett’s young daughter, Cassidy. They still went ahead and married in February 2015 and soon welcomed a baby girl, Isabella.

Nicole and Azan

90 day fiance nicola azan

Azan and Nicole’s relationship has been one huge rollercoaster. Not only was Azan’s K-1 application denied; the two have also ended up canceling their nuptials twice. They met on a dating app and Nicole has been the one flying to Morocco to see her love as they try to get Azan to the US.

Due to the pandemic, Nicole’s most recent trip to Morocco left her stranded there and even though there are no official wedding plans, the couple seems to be enjoying their one-on-one time together in Azan’s home country.

David and Annie

90 Day Fiance David Toborowsky Annie Suwan

Fans have a love-hate relationship with them, but these season 5 stars are not about to call it quits. David, who is twice the age of Annie met while he was living in Thailand and despite several financial issues, they were still able to marry and move to the US. Going by their social media, where they often post humorous content about themselves, the two seem to be as happy as ever.

Their 20-year age difference doesn’t seem to matter at all and you can often see them snuggling during the “Pillow Talk” segment of the 90 Day Fiance show and we wish them all the best.

Louis and Aya

90 day fiance louis aya

Drama-free couples are a rare gem on the hit reality tv show and Louis and Aya make the list. They did have a small tuff related to their wedding plans but that was just about it.

Aya who’s from the Philippines and Louis who hails from Indianapolis met on an online dating platform in 2012 and tied the knot in 2014 when she moved to the US. Loius had two kids from a previous marriage and in June 2018, they expanded their blended family when Aya gave birth to their first child together.

Robert and Anny

90 day fiance robert anny

Introduced to us in season 7, Robert from Florida and Anny from the Dominican Republic had only met once before Anny arrived in the US. The two have since welcomed a baby girl, who is now Robert’s sixth child. Although they had some ups and downs on the show, the couple is still going strong.

Syngin and Tania

Tania and Syngin 90 Day Fiance

Like other couples, Syngin and Tania have had seemingly insurmountable challenges but they’ve been able to power through. The two met in South African from where Syngin hails and tied the knot in an unconventional, nighttime DIY wedding in the USA where they got matching tattoos.

Noon and Kyle

kyle noon 90 day fiance

Noon and Kyle’s sweet love story was probably the highlight of season 3. The couple, who met on Facebook when Kyle was planning for a vacay to Thailand got married soon afterward in the USA.

While Kyle prefers to keep a low profile, Noon has zero chills when it comes to updating us about their relationship, and from the look of things, they seem to be super happy.

Narkyia and Olulowo

narkiya and olulowo 90 day fiance

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this season 4 couple was the epitome of drama. They broke up at least once amid allegations of infidelity but they still went ahead and married.

Narkyia announced that they were expecting a baby girl in September 2020. The two continue to run their business, Lowkey Custom Rentals LLC, which further cements their relationship.

Sasha and Emily

sasha and emily 90 day fiance

Sasha Larina from Moscow and Emily from Portland Oregon met in Russia in 2016 where Emily was living after completing her college education. The pair appeared on season seven of the show where we see Sasha adjusting to life in America.

The Russian hank received a lot of flak after fans learned that he was divorced twice with children and that Emily was wife number three. His comments about wife’s postpartum weight, his struggle to find a job, and his constant head bashing with his sister in law, Betsy, put a strain on his relationship with Emily. But, this duo is still going strong and even added a kiddo to their growing family!

Josh and Aika 

josh aika 90 day fiance

Josh first met his now-wife, Aika, on an online dating platform and shortly afterward flew to the Philippines to propose to her. She said yes and they got married when she was finally able to come to the USA. The fact that Aika wanted children and Josh had had a vasectomy was a major fighting point between the two lovers.

Even though they haven’t got those babies and despite their fights, the couple still seems happy, going by the cute pictures they post on their joint Instagram account.

Chantel and Pedro

90 day fiance pedro and chantel

If there is a couple that fought the most on the show, it has to be Chantel and Pedro. The duo met in the Dominican Republic where Chantel was vacationing but family feuds ensued as soon as Pedro came to the US and the two married. On season 4 we see the couple and their respective families go as far as getting into physical altercations.

That being said, the ongoing drama did make for good TV so much so that it lead to the spinoff, The Family Chantel, which documented the bitter family issues. Despite it all, the two are still together and are working on their relationship even though family continues to be a pain point.

Evelyn and David 

evelyn and david 90 day fiance

Evelyn from New Hampshire and David from Spain met on Facebook and after months of long-distance courting, he popped the question—she said yes. They married during season 5 of the TLC hit show and managed to keep their relationship drama-free. We love seeing the adorable husband and wife duo traveling together and sharing their escapades with fans. 

Matt and Alla

matt and alla 90 day fiance

Matt and Alla appeared on season 4 of the show during which time we see their romance blossom, eventually leading to marriage in November 2016. The Kentucky (Matt) and Ukrainian (Alla) pair announced the birth of their baby girl, Emmalyn Grace Ryan, on April 29, 2020. After four years together, Matt and Alla are still happily in love. 

Melanie and Devar

melanie and devar 90 day fiance

Melanie who hails from Pennsylvania met Devar, a Jamaican native, while she was vacationing on the Caribbean island. At the end of the vacay, Devar proposed, they got engaged and eventually married when he landed in the US. Melanie’s family openly expressed doubts about Devar’s intentions for marrying her but the two didn’t let the naysayers derail their love.

The duo welcomed daughter Avah aka the Boss in November 2017 and are still tighter than tight.

Blake and Jasmin 

blake and jasmin 90 day fiance

Fans seemed to have a love-hate relationship with Blake and Jasmin with many seeing the Finland native as using Blake just to get a green card. The two proved their haters wrong and tied the knot toward the end of season 7 and have now been happily married for one and a half years. Despite the rumors that their marriage is on the rocks, the duo still post pictures of each other, which is definitely a good sign.

Michael and Angela

michael and angela 90 day fiance

Michael, a Nigerian native and Angela from Georgia seemed to be in an endless cycle of drama. Remember the incident where Angela took off her engagement ring in a rage after her beau referred to her as his ‘elder?’

What about all those times Angela accused Michael of scamming her? Despite all the craziness, it is reported that the two wed in January 2020 in Nigeria but Michael is yet to get his spousal visa to the USA after his K-1 visa application was denied. 

Eric and Leida

Eric and Leida Rosenbrook 90 day fiance

Eric and his Indonesian lover, Leida stole the show in season 6 of the TLC series. While their relationship started just fine, things began going downhill when Leida arrived in the States and got married to Eric in just a few days.

Eric’s family was suspicious about Leida’s intentions for coming to America and Leida and one of Eric’s teenage daughter perpetually bashed heads. Things got so bad that the two exited the show and refused to ever be part of the TLC series. Although neither Eric nor Leida is active on social media anymore, it is safe to assume that they are still together. 

Danny and Amy 

danny and amy 90 day fiance

Fans met Danny and Amy on season 2 of the show. Despite being such a cool and attractive couple, there was trouble in paradise as Danny’s father couldn’t accept Amy given that she is not of Caucasian descent.

The two love birds met in Australia during a Bible-study tour and soon fell in love. Amy, a native of Cape Town, South Africa eventually arrived in America where she married Danny. The two have since grown their family by three kiddos, with Danny announcing that the third one is on his/her way. 

Alan and Kirlyam

alan and kirlyam 90 day fiance

We met Alan and Kirlyam Cox on the first season of the show and then later on the popular spinoff 90 Day Fiance: What Now. A Los Angeles native, Alan met Kirlyam while he was on a Mormon mission in Brazil.

She was able to make it to the US where they tied the knot after which Kirlyam gave birth to their son, Liam in 2017. The two are still going strong even though they are currently living apart due to the COVID 19 pandemic that has Kirlyam stuck in Brazil where she had gone to visit her family. 

Mike and Aziza 

90 Day Fiance Mike and Aziza

Mike and Aziza had quite an unconventional start to their relationship. They met on a language app and in the midst of him learning Russian, they took an interest in each other. Aziza was able to move to America within the allotted time and they tied the knot.

The two were among the couples we met on season 1 of the show and like the other couples have survived the demands of being a TV star and are still together. On January 14, Aziza and Mike welcomed their newborn baby, Olivia Joan. 

Justin and Evelin

Justin and Evelin 90 day fiance

Justin and Evelin Halas from season 2 showed such maturity despite their challenging long-distance relationship. The two met in Colombia in 2013 and immediately fell in love.

Justin, a San Hose native later flew back to ask Evelin to marry him and she said yes! The couple is now living in the USA and seems stronger than ever even after seven years of being together. The only thing that has changed since their stint on the TLC series is her name, which she switched from Evelin to Evelyn…and, they recently announced that a baby is on the way

Elizabeth and Andrei 

elizabeth and andrei 90 day fiance

Although Oregon-native Elizabeth and her Moldovan husband Andrei have had many rough patches, mostly resulting from Andrei’s bitter relationship with Elizabeth’s family, the two are still together and are even planning a second wedding in Andrei’s home country!

The couple met in Dublin, Ireland where Elizabeth was vacationing and Andrei was working as a bouncer. He successfully came to the US the K-1 way, got married, and they had a sweet baby girl named Elenor at the start of 2019. 

They are still married and living in Florida, where Andrei comfortably settled into his new role as a stay-at-home dad.

Steven and Olga

steven and olga 90 day fiance

When it comes to relatively drama-free couples, Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova make the list. This young couple met in the US in the summer of 2017 when Olga came over for a vacation. Well, Olga went back to Russia but after just one and a half months of dating, the couple found out they were pregnant. On season 5 and 6 we see her K-1 visa journey and final approval and the couple’s road to parenthood in the US where they got married. The two are still going strong and are even planning to move to the west coast!

We wish all the couples nothing but the best!