What Does Cole Deboer Do for a Living?

Chelsea Houska and Cole Deboer have to be the most liked couple on Teen Mom 2. They are drama-free, super-awesome parents to their three kiddos, and seem genuinely happy together with each passing episode.

Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Cole definitely takes the trophy for ‘best dad ever,’ especially with the way he treats his step-daughter, Aubree. So, it is totally understandable if you are curious about this hunk. Read on, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what Cole Deboer does for a living.

Teen Mom 2 Season 6

Cole Deboer: Chelsea’s Prince Charming

As the story goes, Cole and Chelsea met at a gas station and it was love at first sight. At that point, Chels was basically the breadwinner for her little family of just her and daughter Aubree. Her troubled ex, Adam, was not coming through with child support.

When Cole came into her life, things began looking up for Chelsea, and today, there is no doubt that she is living a fairytale life with her prince charming. In terms of making ends meet, they are already doing great things together as a couple. But, first, what does Cole Deboer do for a living?

Cole Deboer’s Real Job

There is no doubt that Cole is very handy going by the many projects he undertakes on their sprawling South Dakota property. He has literally built their big, beautiful house with his own hands. But, aside from his construction work at home, Deboer has a career as a traffic control specialist.

Basically, a traffic control specialist is responsible for ensuring that roads and highways are in good condition at all times. The actual day-to-day work is pretty hands-on and may involve cutting brush that has grown along the roadside, removing obstacles on roads, placing snow way makers, and overseeing road maintenance workers.

Of course, it is hard to tell how much Deboer earns from his job as a traffic control specialist in South Dakota but the national average income for this position is about $42,000.

He Has a Sock Collection

Other than his day job as a traffic control specialist, Cole has found other ways to make moolah. He partnered with TrueFeat, a premium socks company, where he has his own line of socks named after him.

A peek at the TrueFeat website reveals a really cute collection ranging from florals to funny socks of all kinds. Seeing as one can never have enough socks and people just keep buying more, this was definitely a smart money move on Cole’s side.

Collabo with Itzy Ritzy

Cole’s entrepreneurial side doesn’t end with his sock collection. Back in March 2019, he and wife Chelsea announced on Instagram that they had got together with Izty Ritzy to create cool baby and parent accessories.


The collabo gave rise to the Chelsea+ Cole Collection, a line of edgy but chill accessories for moms and dads that make parenting a little easier. Some of their products include swaddling blankets, cross body diaper bags, diaper backpacks, and super-cute t-shirts for mamas. Not too shabby, aye?

Fitness and Lifestyle Influencer

Unsurprisingly, Deboer has a considerably large following on Instagram. This, coupled with his on-screen popularity makes him a natural fit for brands looking to be associated with the star. It is clear from his posts that he is a fitness buff and alongside his drool-inducing shirtless pictures, he promotes health products to his millions of followers.


In this age of well-paid influencers, it is safe to assume that the hunk is also making some moolah with this cool side gig.

All in all, let’s just say that this laid-back couple and stars of the Teen Mom franchise are likely not struggling for money seeing that they have multiple sources of income, including their individual contracts with MTV. Way to go, Chels and Cole!

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