The best home improvement shows you can binge right now

As the housing market remains hot, existing homeowners are eager to improve their properties. They often start DIY projects, whether they spruce up their kitchen or add a new deck.

As a result, many turn to streaming services to get their fix. Be it for inspiration or to avoid pitfalls upfront, these shows provide step-by-step instructions for completing various home improvement projects. They also give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the construction process.

Looking to get inspired by captivating home improvement shows that empower you to grab a hammer and you do it yourself? Discover a treasure trove of DIY knowledge and ideas to fuel your creativity as you take on projects with your own two hands.

Check out this list of the best home improvement shows that you can binge right now.

Amazing Interiors

Having a beautiful home doesn’t require a large budget.

This Netflix show’s premise involves showcasing homes with unique custom interiors despite their ordinary exterior appearance.

In addition to unique homes, the show typically features rooms where owners don’t live, such as hockey man caves, a backyard roller coaster, a cellar museum, a bunker, or a human-sized dollhouse.

Stay Here

Netflix’s Stay Here features Peter Lorimier and Genevieve Gordan renovating homes. Property owners can improve their interior design and amenities to make them more appealing to guests with Lorimer & Gordan’s help. The ultimate goal: convert their short-term vacation rentals into mini-hotels!

If you want to make money renting out your home or apartment on Airbnb, you have to see this program. 

Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge

Dick Strawbridge and master craftsman Will Hardie host a competition to build a pop-up hotel in Wales consisting of eight luxurious cabins.

Teams from around the UK are tasked with designing and building one cabin, each based on mythology, tradition, and the beauty of Wales. A winning cabin is revealed in each episode, and the winner advances to the final.

The winner of Cabin Fever will be chosen from among the four finalists.

How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny

We’re always looking for ways to save money. As an affordable alternative to living on land, many people have turned to live on boats and buses. This show illustrates how people build their own homes out of barges and other structures and materials.

Fix It Finish It

Most American homes have at least one repair project waiting to be tackled. A nationwide contest called “Fix It & Finish It” seeks houses with rooms that need a major overhaul.

An experienced team of contractors and designers decides how to execute each renovation after meeting with homeowners.

The team then begins working on the project, which has to be completed quickly. After the room is completely transformed, it is presented to the homeowners as “the reveal.”

In addition to hosting the show, actor Antonio Sabato Jr. frequently visits the location where the design team works.

Be inspired to finish that project around your home finally!

Tiny Luxury

As a husband-and-wife team, Tyson and Michelle Spiess create some of the most beautiful miniature homes on the market.

Each episode shows their progress as they build a tiny house from the ground up, resulting in a small abode their clients can take on the road.

You won’t find tiny houses like these in your average neighborhood: They feature granite countertops, porcelain tubs, and exquisite interior designs that have you considering downsizing.

Clearly, the Spiesses believe that less can be more.

Desert Flippers

A booming housing market, vacation amenities, and, of course, unbeatable weather make Palm Springs, Calif., a popular place to live.

Eric and Lindsey Bennett moved from Wisconsin to Palm Springs to further their house flipping business.

The couple faces triple-digit heat, harsh landscapes, and raising three small children while renovating throughout this series. Eric and Lindsey work with “Uncle Mike” Schneider, Lindsey’s brother, to renovate dilapidated properties that have great potential.

The result is desert-style oases with high-end finishes and sparkling pools that Palm Springs buyers crave.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

It is normal for people to accumulate things in their homes over time when they live a busy life.

Known tidying expert Marie Kondo is on a mission to help people reduce the clutter in their homes and lives.

Kondo’s series of inspiring home makeovers helps young families and retirees become more organized by clearing out clutter and choosing joy over stuff.

Grand Designs

The show follows a different person in each episode as they strive to build their dream home from the ground up with the help of designer and writer Kevin McCloud.

Each project is different, and many of them require custom-made elements that make the final product more than a home.

In addition to a domed house built entirely by a family on a hillside, there is a glasshouse perched on top of a Welsh cliff that is part home, part architectural monument.

Good Bones

As with other HGTV and DIY Network shows that feature real-life revitalization experts who turn rundown homes into beautiful properties, “Good Bones” follows a similar formula.

Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak, mother/daughter team, transform properties around their hometown of Indianapolis.

The real estate knowledge and legal expertise of Karen and Mina allow them to find diamonds in the rough. Then they hire out demo and construction work to get the renovations done on time and within budget.

Love It Or List It

Love It or List It has about 1.479 million viewers. The show’s premise is different than other home improvement shows. It keeps viewers interested by having a unique dynamic.

Interior designer Hilary Farr is up against real estate agent David Visentin for the affections of fed-up homeowners looking to renovate or sell as Farr changes their worn-out space into a welcoming one. At the same time, Visentin helps them find a new place.

Each episode ends with the homeowners deciding whether the changes designed by Farr will help them stay in their current home or whether the new home Visentin found is a better fit.

No matter whether they love it or list it, the homeowners win.

Maine Cabin Masters

Maine Cabin Masters builder Chase Morrill is always busy renovating rustic cabins and camps throughout the Pine Tree State.

Morrill works with clients to restore rundown cabins buried deep within Maine’s remote woods with his sister, brother-in-law, and best friend.

From century-old cottages to dilapidated lakeside retreats, Chase and the team bring new life to these deteriorating structures that have often been neglected for decades.

Flip or Flop

TarTarek and Christina El Moussa lead a hectic yet fascinating life.

After enjoying success as real estate agents and experiencing the drastic decline of the housing market, the Californians switched careers: They now buy foreclosures, short sales, and bank-owned homes to remodel and sell for a profit. At least, that’s the way it should be.

With each new episode, “Flip or Flop” follows the El Moussas’ roller-coaster journey from purchasing a home at auction — in most cases without seeing it first — to fixing it up and finally trying to sell it.

In 2014, Flip or Flop was the most-watched HGTV show. Cristina and Tarek split up, but they’re back together again.

American Pickers

Have you amassed a collection of Americana in your lifetime? Maybe Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz will come to see you one day.

These Midwest pickers travel across America in search of national treasures and rare artifacts to buy from the collectors they visit and then sell in their antique shops or, in some cases, keep themselves.

Most of their time is spent digging through boxes and piles of items that have accumulated over the years, typically stored in barns and unused spaces in owners’ homes. The guys are willing to buy just about anything old, but they are particularly interested in classic toys and items related to the auto industry.

Family Home Overhaul

HGTV Canada pays it forward with the heartwarming, emotionally charged new series.

In each episode, host Cheryl Hickey (ET Canada) features a family that the community has nominated for their dedication to giving back despite hardships.

A group of 14 of HGTV Canada’s best contractors and designers join Cheryl to meet this family, tour their home and discover exactly what they need to transform their lives.

In collaboration with friends and neighbors, the crew executes the renovations while the family is sent away.

When they return, they celebrate their newly renovated home surrounded by the people who helped make that happen: the community and renovation team.

Hot Market

Hot Market is HGTV’s brand new real estate show. The series follows top realtors Odeen Eccleston, Rizwan Malik, Rana Khaled, David Cinelli, and Stephanie Adams as they navigate one of Canada’s most competitive housing markets – Toronto.

Their goal is to land the biggest listings, find their clients luxury dream homes, and earn top dollar by renovating and staging their homes.

These agents must learn to buy, sell, and hustle to succeed in this hot market.

Save My Reno

Sebastian Clovis, the savvy builder with contagious energy, and Samantha Pynn, the celebrated ‘luxe-on-a-budget’ designer, work together to make domestic dreams come true.

With smart spending, upcycling, and DIY designs, Seb and Sam encourage homeowners to strap on a tool belt and help with their renovations. Their combined efforts transform ordinary houses into breathtaking homes – on a budget.