If you are an antique lover, you have valid reasons for spending your money on artifacts that are 100 or more years old.

For instance, there is always a reason or story as to why acquiring an antique object may make more sense than buying a new one.

On the flip side, it may appear absurd to people who are not interested in antiques to invest in objects that’ll just sit in glass cases on display.

If you fall in the latter group, Frank’s show, American Pickers, can shine a new light on this amazing hobby and make you re-think the value of those items rotting in your attic. Take a look a his book to learn how to pick the winners!

American Pickers is a popular reality show on History Channel, featuring Frank Fritz and his partner, Mike Wolfe. In the show, the duo is always on the hunt for antiques and valuable collectibles. The show has been airing for more than 10 years and enjoys a massive following.

Frank calls himself the modern-day antique collector and searches for any object that is old and unusually interesting—whether it is a toy, old vehicle, banner, firearm, or motorcycle.

Since the news of his arrest became public in 2017, his fans have asked a lot of questions about his whereabouts. There are even rumors that he passed on!

What Happened To Frank?

Frank got arrested on July 30, 2017, driving the wrong way around I-80 mile marker 282.

The patrolman who pulled him over reported that he appeared somewhat confused, had slurred speech and was under the influence of alcohol and Xanax. He was then arrested and charged with Operative While Intoxicated (OWI) first offense.

Frank later pleaded guilty after having been taken to Davenport’s OWI District Court where he allegedly failed both drugs and sobriety tests.

It is reported that his plea deal comprised of a fine of $625 with $80 court costs plus unsupervised probation for a year. The court also ruled that Frank had to be taken through a substance evaluation as well as other prescribed treatments.

This unfortunate incident forced the star to skip several episodes of the show and it is what made most of his fans worry about him.

Is Frank Dead?

For the record, Frank is alive and well. Although he was arrested for an incident on the road in 2017, it was neither a road accident case nor did it result in his death. The star had made an unlawful U-turn that could have caused a severe accident. 

Frank’s subsequent absence on the show while attending to the year-long probation and court-mandated treatment programs further fueled the gossip about his demise.

Another explanation for the continued rumors is the fact that one of his partners on American Pickers, Mike Wolfe, has been falsely declared dead as well. Mike shares his name with a recently deceased, well known Florida real estate mogul who died at age 48.

So, Where Is Frank Now?

Despite all the turmoil, American Pickers seemed to have trusted in its cast member as Frank is still working for the show. The duo, together with Danielle Colby-Cushman, are still hosting the show’s season two which aired on Mon Sep 02, 2019.

Besides his work on the show, Frank runs a Savannah-based antique shop called Frank Fritz Finds.

Weight Loss and Sickness

During the eighth and ninth seasons of American Pickers, the audience started to notice that Frank slimmed down significantly. Our guess is that the TV star must have lost at least 40 pounds of body fat, leading to a drastically changed appearance!

Frank before and after his weight loss

Fans started to worry, and rightfully so. It turns out that the very private star had been battling with Chron’s disease for over 27 years.

“I started losing weight and ran with it!” Frank declared before the start of the 9th season of American Pickers.

He continued on, saying that his crew is aware of his condition and he has become a master of dealing with it when traveling. He wants to inspire people who suffer from Chron’s and show that it is possible to live a productive life, despite the social stigma of the disease.