Meet Johnny Jimenez: The Expert Toy Collector on Pawn Stars

The Pawn Stars crew took their game to a new level when they decided to bring experts to appraise and authenticate items brought into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

One fascinating expert on the hit reality TV show was the toy guy—a master at all things antique toys. He can tell you the story behind almost any figurine in astonishing detail.

Going by his looks—big, bald, scary, and a little rough on the edges, you wouldn’t tell he’d have a soft spot for tiny little toys.

We did a little digging, and here is what we know about the toy guy on Pawn Stars.

Who Is The Toy Guy On Pawn Stars?

The toy expert on Pawn Stars is Johnny Jimenez Jr. Johnny has been a regular on History Channel’s hit reality television show since 2011 and has garnered quite a fan base for his humorous wit, larger-than-life personality, and genuine love for retro figurines.

Despite his popularity from being on Pawn Stars, not much is known about Jimenez’s personal life. Although he is active on social media, most of what he posts is toys, cars, memes, and general day-to-day stuff that he is up to with his friends and fans.

Aside from his stint on Pawn Stars, Johnny is also an actor. He has appeared in the movies Ditch Party (2016) and Psycho’s Path (2019).

Johnny Jimenez Is the Owner of Toy Shack

Johnny’s expertise in vintage toys is embodied in his thriving business, the Toy Shack, a storefront in Downtown Las Vegas.

The shop gained fame by appearing on Pawn Stars, but fans who have visited say the show doesn’t do the shop justice. The shelves at Toy Shack are lined with hundreds of thousands of nostalgic toys from Hot Wheels, Beanie Babies, a Star Wars Replica Helmet, to G.I. Jones, and so much more.

If you would like to visit, Toy Shack is located in Neonopolis, down the street on Fremont. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram and check out what they are doing.

Johnny Made The News For A Serious Legal Problem

Fame is good, but it often comes with negative attention, something Jimenez Jr. knows very well.

His appearance on Pawn Stars really shone the spotlight on this typically low-key toy expert. After that, everyone recognized him and paid attention to his every move. That’s probably why he doesn’t display his personal life on social media.

One fateful morning, the breakout star found himself on the wrong side of the law when police arrested him at a Vegas restaurant after reports that he had assaulted his girlfriend.

Johnny, however, insists that it was all a misunderstanding and that the police were quicker to handcuff him than to understand the context of what had happened. Luckily, the entire incident was caught on surveillance video cameras, and Jimenez would use this evidence to make a strong case for himself against the domestic violence charges.

So, What Happened to Jimmy Jimenez and His Girlfriend?

According to the footage, Johnny and his lover were winding down from his birthday party with family and friends at a Vegas restaurant.

In his police statement, the memorabilia expert explained that his girlfriend was extremely intoxicated and that he had carried her from the floor several times. He held her hand the entire time to keep her from tumbling in her four-inch stiletto boots.

The drunk girlfriend walked out of the restaurant, and as he tried to get her back so she could eat and sober up, he grabbed her purse, causing her to fall over. When police found her, she was unresponsive for a few minutes and immediately handcuffed Jimmy.

“I did what any guy would do when you have an intoxicated person,” he asserted.

“I know by my looks I am a scary big guy but anyone who knows me knows I am a single dad who takes care of my kids, family, and friends, and I have been good to my girlfriend.”

Not much was reported about Johnny Jimenez and this case after that initial hullabaloo. But it would be safe to assume that the popular toy expert didn’t face any serious charges and probably got away with only a slap on the wrist.

Johnny still owns and runs his shop in Downtown Vegas. Given that he is also a single dad, he’s probably busy caring for his children and ensuring they have a good life.

We definitely wish Johnny Jimenez Jr. all the best!