Who is Brett Mally on Pawn Stars?

After watching several Pawn Stars episodes involving artwork appraisals, it becomes clear that buying and selling art is no walk in the park. That said, pros like Brett Maly make the entire process seem like a breeze.

Maly, who appeared on the reality TV show between 2010 and 2014, made waves with his eye for detail, wit and ability to tell a $5 sketch from a million-dollar masterpiece.

So, just who is Brett Maly on Pawn Stars? What’s his background, and what made him the perfect choice as an art appraiser for Pawn Stars?

Read on to find out!

Brett Maly’s Interesting Career Pivot

There is no doubt that Brett K. Maly is extremely good at what he does as an art appraiser. But, you would never tell, going by his professional and academic background.

Brett graduated with a B.A. in Communications from the University of Las Vegas. He also studied Radio and Television at the Texas Christian University. As you can see, there is no art or appraisal background there.

Here’s the interesting part: between 1995 and 1998, he worked as a disk jockey for the radio station KOOL 105.5. Maly did board operations and voiceovers for the 7 PM to midnight shift.

The now-famous art appraiser also held down a ringside assistant job, which basically entailed running errands for the main stars on film sets.

Brett admits that he’s always been interested in fine art, despite pursuing something other than the subject as an academic major. Appraisal, he says, came naturally to him.

What Book Did Brett Maly Write?

Brett published a book in 2014 titled The Pocket Picker-for-Fine Art. The book is an excellent guide for the average Jane or Jack looking to invest in fine art so you can sell your high-valued assets for a profit.

With his smart appraisal skills, the celebrity appraiser has proven many times that he is the real deal. One instance, in particular, stands out: In 2011, Maly appraised an Andy Warhol sketch, which he established to be authentic but only worth about $5. To everyone’s surprise, the sketch by the world-famous painter sold for $5 at the garage sale.

What Is Brett Maly Up To Now?

Maly was a regular guest contributor on History Channel’s Pawn Stars, where he did everything from art evaluations to collection, appraisal and sales.

In his day job, he has worked as a Director for Art Encounter since 1996 and took on the role of president in 2010. According to his online resume, Brett appraises all sorts of fine arts, such as drawings, prints, photography, and sculptures, to name a few. He also consults in art purchasing, fine art resale, restoration and value assessment.

Maly acquired his appraisal certification through the University of California Irvine’s Fine and Decorative Arts Certification Program. The gregarious art appraiser also completed his certification in the Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice awarded by the American Society of Appraisers.

Wow! What an impressive list of achievements. We’d sure be happy to see more of Brett Maly and his fantastic art appraisal skills on our favourite reality series!