Here is what happened to the Jamison Family

In 2009, the disappearance of the  Jamison family dominated the news headlines for months. Since the beginning, true mystery fanatics had a feeling that this would not be an easy investigation. This was a case that went on for years, and even today, the possibilities of what exactly happened are endless.

The Jamison Family

There were three members of the Jamison family; a man Bobby Dale Jamison, his spouse Sherilynn and their six-year-old daughter Madyson.

The small family lived in Eufala, a place in Oklahoma county, but they planned to move somewhere new.

The couple planned to live in a portable storage unit on a forty-acre plot of land. 

At first glance, Jamisons looked like a perfect family. The couple was in their 40s with an only child. After their disappearance, when the police dived deep into the investigation, they found out about the accident that occurred in 2003. Bobby’s chronic back pain was the aftermath of this unfortunate incident. 

On the other hand, Sherilynn was also diagnosed with extreme Bipolar disorder, and she didn’t take her medications regularly. Her crippling depression, anger episodes, and outbursts were quite common for the family.

Another thing that was unveiled after Bobby’s and Sherilynn’s disappearance was their connection with spirits. They both believed their house was haunted, and Sherilynn even thought of herself as someone capable of controlling the evil presence. 

The couple often complained about being harassed by the spirits, and Bobby even asked the pastor Gary Brandon about “special bullets.” 

He planned to shoot those bullets at the spirit and kill them. After these insights, some people believed that the couple was involved in spiritual warfare.

Due to their belief in spirits, the Jamisons were eager to move out of their haunted house and wanted to own a huge 40-acre plot. Their financial condition wasn’t swell enough to build a house on it, so they planned to move their storage unit on the plot and make it their new home.

The family had a portable unit right outside of their house, and the neighbors had very strong opinions about it. Sherilynn had a habit of writing on the storage unit with spray paint, and some of the things she wrote were a matter of concern for other people who lived near them.

From the storage container walls, sentences like “The neighbors have poisoned our cats” and “Witches don’t like it when you kill their cats” were discussed frequently on the internet forums. They were also the main reason why Jamison’s weren’t very well-liked in their neighborhood.


Some days before their mysterious disappearance, the Jamison family had a man that stayed with them, but that didn’t end well. The guy turned out to be a white supremacist, and he didn’t like that Sherilynn was part Native American. 

The two quarreled, and Sherilynn had to point a gun at him to get him out of her house.

A few days after this incident, on October 8th, 2009, the Jamison family was last seen around Red Oaks. They had pulled Madyson Jamison from her school and even informed her teacher that she wouldn’t be returning. 

The family was known for going on these long tours to the forest where they wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone. Initially, no one thought much about it for the first few days. 

Then on October 16th, a hunter found the family’s abandoned truck in Latimer County, Oklahoma city. It had the couple’s belongings, $32,000 cash, and an 11-page, spiteful letter from Sherilynn to Bobby and their family dog Maisie.


Around 300 people formed a search chain to look for them the next day. It was a mixed crowd of authorities and volunteers. 

Even after looking everywhere, nothing was found, and the search got called off by law enforcement.

During the initial investigation, police got hold of footage from security cameras in which Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison were taking multiple trips from their house to the white pickup truck. 

It may seem normal, considering they were moving, but the irregularities in their behavior can be seen clearly in the security footage. 

They would stop midway, stare into space, and not address each other even once. 

The investigators concluded they were in some kind of trance, which can be observed when watching someone who had just consumed crystal meth.

No progress was made for the next four years until a big breakthrough came on November 16th, 2013. Some local hunters found a nice to rest when they stumbled over three corpses of two adults and one child. 

Immediately, the police were notified. After conducting multiple DNA tests for nearly a year, it was confirmed that the skeletal remains indeed belonged to the Jamison family. 

While searching the site, cops also found some bone fragments, an adult arm, adult teeth, leg bone, and bits of clothing. 

After this announcement, no new information ever surfaced about what had actually happened to the Jamison family. 

People who were following this case from the beginning tried to get more information or clues from the investigation but didn’t get anywhere.


Due to being unsolved, the tragic death of the Jamison family got a lot of attention. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular theories regarding the Jamison family deaths.

Drug dealers

Some people believe that the video footage told them everything they needed to know. According to them, the Jamison family was somehow involved in a drug-dealing racket. Either as buyers or sellers. 

The common belief is that they were both and they were looking to expand their drug activity business. The interest in the huge acres of land was also to grow illegal substances and create a meth lab.

At the time of their disappearance, the couple was unemployed, so the $32,000 in cash can only be linked to drug money.

Members of a cult

Their unusual behavior had some true-crime followers believe in the satanic cult angle. 

Again, the money was presented as a welcome gift the cult gave them to join. This theory has significant loopholes, which is why it was debunked quickly.

Murder & Suicide

Numerous people believe that Sherilyn Jamison’s bipolar disorder is being ignored in the investigation. The angry letter was evidence that she was a disturbed individual who hated her husband and wanted to kill him. According to theorists, she killed Bob and 6-year-old Madyson during her manic episodes. 

Upon regaining some control of her senses, she saw what she did and then killed herself.

New Identities

The smarter-than-the-rest group thinks the Jamison family faked their own deaths and ran away. 

These people believe the family had made a lot of enemies in the Mexican mafia and cults. According to those who believe this theory, everything in the car was a staged misdirection.

Bob Dean Jamison Is The Real Culprit

Over the years, another thing came to light. Bob Jamison apparently didn’t have a good relationship with his father. 

At one point, Bob Sr. even tried to hit him with his car when his son threatened him with legal action. For some, it is possible that Bob Dean Jamison killed his son’s family.