What Happened To Rick From American Restoration?

Throughout its six seasons, American Restoration was such a big hit. The show followed Rick Dale at his Las Vegas-based business, Rick’s Restorations, where his unique skill for transforming old and battered items into stunning pieces attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

So, it came as a huge shock when History Channel renewed the show for the seventh season and didn’t cast the popular star! Just what happened to Rick and the cast of the old American Restoration?

American Restoration Volume 4

How Did Rick Dale Get Famous?

Before we dish out on what happed to Rick from American Restoration, let’s give you a little background about this guy. So, he might have made some good money appearing on the hit reality TV show but Rick hasn’t always been rich and famous.

Dale claims to have had a pretty impoverished childhood and his folks couldn’t afford to get him new gifts. In a past interview he said that when he was nine, he was able to fix up a bicycle his dad had pulled out of a neighborhood dumpster, and from then on, he began restoring beaten up items mostly to pay bills.

He later went on to set up his antique restoration business, Rick’s Restorations, which, unknown to him at the time, would go on to catapult him to fame.

Rick first appeared on our screens around June 2012, when the equally popular show Pawn Star premiered on the History Channel.

We’d see him as an expert restoration consultant for most of the first season where he’d help other shop owners repair all sorts of junk including vending machines and motorbikes.

American Restoration Was Born

American Restoration Season 6

The production team at History Channel thought Dale did a wonderful job on Pawn Stars and proposed that he get a show of his own.

Fun fact: the success of Pawn Stars also inspired the creation of Counting Cars!

It will come as a surprise to many that Rick didn’t actually think a show of his own would be a good idea.

After all, he only really specialized in restoring gas pumps and vending machines so an entire show based on these few skills just didn’t seem feasible to him.

Eventually, the team convinced him that he had what it took to film an entire season and lo and behold! he and the team at Rick’s Restoration were able to churn out not just one but six seasons, with American Restoration becoming one of History Channel’s most popular shows during its time.

Why Did Rick Leave American Restoration?

All seemed well with the show and fans would have never expected History Channel to suddenly change course and remove Rick and his crew with no explanation. Well, that is exactly what happened.

American Restoration Season 7

When season seven of American Restoration come around, it’s focus wasn’t Rick’s Restorations. Instead, there were five businesses and an entirely new crew… Dale was nowhere to be seen.

With fans reeling from his departure, Dale decided to post a video of himself urging viewers to head over to the American Restoration website to express their grievances about his firing from the show.

He didn’t mention the reason why he and his crew were no longer part of the reality hit show and there was no word from History Channel either about the new course the show took.

That being said, word on the street is that after six seasons, the ratings on Rick’s show were not too great and the broadcaster decided to bring in other antique restoration businesses to boost viewership and ratings.

Is Rick’s Restorations Still In Business?

Unfortunately, Rick’s Restoration in Las Vegas seems to be closed. The spot had become so popular that fans would pay to be shown around the yard full of antiques and restored items.


As for now, a peek at TripAdvisor shows that the business is closed and that a new location would be ‘announced soon.’

What is Rick Dale doing now?

As far as we can tell, Rick is no longer in the business of restoring antique items but going by his social media posts, he seems to be enjoying family life with his wife, kids, and grandkids.

It turns out Rick has opened a laser cut and embroidery shop called “My Best Font Forward Creations” in Las Vegas. Among their products are Christmas hangings, laser-cut decor, and more.

In addition, he’s turned book author, with his most recent book on “classic soda machines” currently sporting a 4/5 stars on Amazon. Way to go, Rick!

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