What Happened to Rich on Mountain Men?

In the profoundly technological era we live in, it’s hard to imagine that some people still prefer to leave it all and live a life away from technology.

They do not require cell phones, computers, Internet connections, easily accessible food, air conditioners – you name it. 

However, the cast members of the award-winning reality TV series Mountain Men have shown that such people still exist. This group of individuals has chosen to live away from civilization just like our ancestors did. They hunt food in the wild with no guarantees of success.

More often than not, the wilderness comes with harsh weather, and the people must find a way to survive. Dangerous wild animals are always nearby, looking for something to devour. If that’s not enough, some cast members have to deal with life-threatening health emergencies.

One of the notable cast members from the show is the charming survivalist Rich Lewis. He has the most impressive beard of all his colleagues, and one can tell when he walks into the room. Dubbed as a “lion hunter” by his village men, Lewis bears excellent tracking and hunting skills.

Long before he appeared on TV, the survivalist was already a star in his village of Ruby Valley. He would often be hired by local authorities to hunt and ward off mountain lions terrorizing the residents. Rich loves living life in the wild, away from pretty much all life’s conveniences. 

Who is Rich Lewis?

In simple terms, Rich Lewis is a reality TV star and hunter. He was born in 1954 in Idaho. From the show, fans had learned that Rich’s love for nature began when he was a child. He was always interested in visiting the mountains and exploring the great outdoors.

Growing up, he decided to follow his passion and live life in the wild. He moved from his hometown of Idaho to settle in South Montana’s Ruby Valley permanently. Knowing what he’s achieved so far, it is safe to say that the decision paid off big time. 

Rich is married to Diane, who also stars on Mountain Men. The two have been married for over 30 years, always staying side by side in the isolated mountains. There’s no record of any children, but then again, very little is known about Lewis.

The couple spends their days hunting for elk (their primary source of food), taking care of their cows and protecting them from wolves, watering their pets, chasing lions from their property and that of their neighbors, among other things. He operates a pack of hounds during his hunts and keeps him company.

If you’ve been following the reality series, you probably know that he lost one of his hounds, Roxie, during one of the hunts. Rich never recovered from the loss, always blaming himself for the death. 

TV Career

Already a famous lion hunter and mountain man, the History Channel tracked Rich down when planning on starting a reality TV about people who prefer life in the mountains.

Alongside Charlie Tucker, he was one of the original cast members when the show premiered in 2013 and stuck around for six seasons and 83 episodes. That took four long years of filming round the clock.

Thanks to his 100% commitment to living a simple life off-grid, his unique hunting skill, and his helping hand, Rich instantly became an idol on Mountain Men. His fans—most of who can’t handle life out there—are amazed at his life choices. 

During his period, Rich became… well, rich. When his career was at its peak, the TV star was taking home earning upwards of $10,000 per episode. According to TV Showcases, Lewis’ net worth stands at approximately $300,000. 

What Happened To Him?

When the seventh season of Mountain Men went on air, fans noticed that Rich Lewis was no longer on the show. That expectedly attracted plenty of speculations. Some said that the show’s producers had fired him for creative reasons. Others claimed he’d gotten into feuds with the producers. 

However, the truth is that Rich simply got tired of living life the way he did. He mentioned something along these lines in one of the last episodes of season 6 of Mountain Men. 

After tracking and killing wild animals, having to hunt for food, being out in the cold almost always, his body had just enough. Rich felt he was too old and needed to take a break from the mountains’ limelight and life. 

As of now, his whereabouts are not in the public domain. Mr. Lewis is unsurprisingly not on social media or any other platform from where fans can follow him.

He probably moved to a place with some civilization of sorts with his wife, Diane. He is not likely to make a comeback on Mountain Men any time soon but never say never!

Now you know why your beloved “Totally Awesome Survivalist” is no longer on the popular reality series. He was neither fired nor did he get into altercations with his bosses.

We sure hope he saved enough to accord him and Diane a comfortable life away from the public eye.