Here Is What QVC’s Lisa Robertson Is Doing Now

Any fashion enthusiast is no stranger to Lisa Robertson, the fashion designer and sensational TV queen who hosted the QVC show for twenty years.

QVC (Quality, Value, and Convenience) is a televised home shopping network that was started in 1986 by Joseph Segel and broadcasts in seven countries with over 350 million households receiving it. 

Lisa began broadcasting in the network in 1995 and went on to have a stellar career as a presenter for 20 years. 

According to a source, the hostess was paid an annual salary of $ 1 million by the shopping channel.

Due to the popularity of QVC, Lisa managed to garner a massive following both on and off-air. But in December 2014, Lisa left QVC, and many fans have been wondering what became of her. 

Why Did Lisa Leave QVC?

Being a presenter on the televised network QVC for two decades meant that Lisa was always in the public limelight.

While many would envy that kind of life, it comes with its challenges, and for Lisa, it brought her unwarranted attention from stalkers.

Instead of enjoying her life, she always looked over her shoulders and lived behind state-of-the-art security alarms.

And we are not just talking of one possessed stalker—Lisa had to deal with four separate stalkers during her time at the show. 

The stalkers turned her life into a living hell. Reports indicate that she locked her house every day, kept checking alarms, and while driving, she would constantly watch her rearview mirror out of worry that someone might be tailing her.

Whenever she felt threatened, she took different routes home.

Feeling like a captive in her own space, she filed for injunctions. There was an instance where stalkers appeared at Lisa’s home and aggressively harassed other TV presenters in a desperate bid to meet her.

She sought legal protection and even once begged a judge, saying that she needed to live without fear.

One of her stalkers, Peter Ferreira, was a fanatic who could not help himself. He followed her for years despite receiving a restraining order until he was finally apprehended and jailed. But, Lisa had already had enough, and she decided to leave QVC for good.

Lisa Robertson 2022: Death Rumors and Fake News

Lisa Robertson has had her own share of rumors, as it is with most superstars. After suddenly disappearing from QVC, news of her demise began circulating.

Much to the astonishment of many, her Facebook page was still active even after the sad news, and she later came out to deny the rumors.

Her fans were glad that she was alive. It is believed her going under the radar had fuelled rumors of her death.

The other basis for the unfounded claims was that someone else had passed away with whom she shared a name.

Where is Lisa Robertson Now?

As a result of the infamous death rumors, fans have been wondering what is Lisa Robertson doing these days? For starters, she launched a website,

It is on this platform that she has become an authority on selling accessories, jewelry, fashion, and home décor options.

The website helps to promote her online business. She also runs a fashion line named GILI, an abbreviation for, got it love it, based on what she wears and her style. She shares her enthusiasm for fashion, exercise, travel, recipes, and advice.

lisa robertson
Source: Facebook

Lisa Robertson has been interviewed by popular publications like VoguePeople, and USA Today. As her followers can’t seem to get enough of her, she has also appeared in various TV shows such as Good Morning America and Project Runway.

This quenches the curiosity that fans may have about her whereabouts and what she has been up to. It also goes to show that she still has an active life even after leaving QVC.

As a side note, is it true that Lisa Robertson engaged her long-term boyfriend? Well, there isn’t much information out there about the Lisa Robertson engagement rumors. What we do know, though, is that the beauty is in a relationship with fitness trainer Eric McGee, who is also her personal trainer.

lisa roberts trainer boyfriend eric

Another question fans are asking is: where does Lisa Robertson live now? The television personality is apparently in the middle of renovating her four-bedroom high-security home on the edge of West Chester, with Eric’s help.

Social Media Activity

On social media, Lisa still keeps up with her fans on her platforms, where she has a massive following. Her Instagram account, for example, has 78.3 thousand followers.

She uses her Facebook page to post prices, promote her merchandise, and sometimes engage with her followers via Facebook’s live chat. And that’s not all; she has a YouTube channel where she talks about event planning.

Lisa decided to develop a more personal relationship with her followers via her social media accounts.

That was a smart move as she keeps her fans engaged and aware of what she is doing. And going by the number of followers on social media, she is undoubtedly winning.

QVC Lisa Robertson Net Worth

It is estimated that Lisa Robertson is worth a net worth of over $5 million as of late-2018, earned through television exposure, from which she was able to get work hosting other programs, and as she continues her career, her wealth is expected to also increase.


Amid stalking, death speculations, and everyone wondering what happened to Lisa Robertson, the TV queen has had formidable accomplishments. After leaving QVC, she lives a fulfilling life working on things that she loves and is passionate about. And not even death rumors could deviate her from her goals.

Launching her website and running her fashion line, she has broadened her fashion command, earning her more respect in fashion circles.

Did you know that Lisa is a trained violinist who happens to have a great singing voice? As part of a Youth Symphony, she travelled to Russia and Romania and even performed at the famous Carnegie Hall.

She is also an established entrepreneur who deals with modern lifestyle necessities. Despite all the adversities that she has had to face in her life, especially with bullies, Lisa is a strong woman, and we can only wish her the best in her endeavors.