What Happened To Chico On Moonshiners?

Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners hit our television screens way back in 2011. Many cast members have come and gone, while some have stayed the course, appearing in almost every season.

One of the early Moonshiners was Chico, who brought a dose of humor and some more to the reality TV series alongside his fiance, Sondra.

The couple only stayed from seasons two to six, after which Discovery Channel announced they wouldn’t return to the show.

If you’ve been curious about what happened to Chico on Moonshiners, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Read on for details!

Chico and Sondra: Is This Power Couple Divorced?

Since leaving Moonshiners, Chico and Sondra have been low-key, not posting on social media as often as they used to.

As far as we know, the couple is not divorced; there is no news of their separation. Back in 2019, Sondra shared a picture of herself and Chico where she was showing off her engagement ring.

A year earlier, Sondra posted a beautiful picture of their newborn, Wyatt. Alongside the photo, the reality TV star said, “To everyone who has been wondering what we’ve been up to, meet our new baby boy, Wyatt.”

Their son is now all grown and six years old, which is a huge yet wonderful milestone. Time sure does fly by so fast!

It would be safe to say that Chico and Sandra are not divorced and are busy raising their family and dabbling in business.

Chico Went Into Business With His Own Distillery

Just because Chico left Moonshiners doesn’t mean he stopped brewing altogether.

In fact, Chico collaborated with Olde Towne Distillery to come up with the signature Spirit Whisky, a classic mix of bourbon and white whisky.

In a 2016 Facebook post, Chico updated fans on his new business venture, saying, “I finally got down to trying to leave something for my family when I leave this world. I am pretty proud of what we pulled off.”

He added that the support he got from Olde Towne Distillery went a long way in helping him to actualize his dream of making and distributing his whiskey.

In the same post, Chico asked his fans for help making Spirit Whiskey available in their hometowns. He explained that the whiskey was in the distributors” hands, so it was now up to the consumers to ask their local liquor store to stock it.

Chico described his new liquor as a blend of 80 percent white liquor and 20 percent Olde Towne’s bourbon. Straight off the still, the liquor is aged in staved barrels made of charred oak, giving it a rich, smooth flavour just like the whiskey of the good old days.

What Is Chico Doing These Days?

As mentioned earlier, Chico has kept a low profile and hasn’t posted much since 2019. He is likely busy raising his family and running his businesses.

You read that right: businesses. His humor aside, Chico has great business acumen.

In addition to brewing alcohol for commercial purposes, he also offers Master of Ceremony (MC) services where he promises to “make it shake,’’ ensuring that ‘’your event has not one moment of silence,” according to a past Facebook post. The reality TV star also raises traditional Kentucky Trotter ponies.

So, there you have it; now you know what happened to Chico on Moonshiners. As far as we know, he is alive and kicking, living it up with his family, and carrying on with business, including brewing alcohol.