What Happened to Boonk?

Boonk is a familiar name in the American showbiz industry. He’s only 24, but the rapper has undoubtedly lived nine lives. It all started when he released a prank video that went viral in 2017.

The video that showed him stealing chicken from a local Popeye restaurant earned him 1 million views and 600,000 followers on Instagram. 

That kind of buzz made the prankster realize he was onto something. He saw that breaking the rules and doing things that were not the norm resonated with people.

So he kept creating more prank videos. 

Another memorable video is the one where the internet celebrity “accidentally” shot himself twice on his foot in 2018.

Fans were shocked, with many saying the prank wasn’t really a prank but a suicide attempt. Boonk, who is also a rapper, has been to jail and back.

He’s created 75 videos, majorly about his law-breaking activities. His gram followers grew like wildfire, reaching 2.6 million at the peak of his fame.

Unfortunately, the rapper released a video of him being intimate with a girl on his Insta account and saw it getting taken down. 

Who is Boonk?

Boonk’s legal name is John Robert Hill, but he’s also known as rapper John Gabana or Boonk Gang. The South Florida native was born on August 3, 1996.

Not long ago, he released his first rap song. It didn’t do well back then, but he’s now a very successful musician with two albums: Dat Boonk Gang Shit and Gabbana Attack.

The former is on Spotify, with the rapper’s profile having gained 18,273 followers. 

On July 2, 2018, the rapper’s Instagram account closed down after posting several NSFW videos.

The clip showed the rappers in numerous sex position with a young woman. 

His fame rose mainly because of social media. His pranks garnered so many followers that even when he was behind bars, his fanbase grew exponentially.

boonk fb
Souce: Facebook

The urban dictionary even made an entry dictionary claiming that Boonk was now synonymous with stealing (oops!).

Shortly after having his Insta account taken down, the rapper posted a photo on Snapchat showing him standing on crutches with a bandage around his right knee.

In the post, he claimed that he’d shot himself accidentally.

What happened to him?

In 2019, Boonk suffered a broken jaw that had to be surgically repaired. The footage of him being punched by a man, much shorter than him, was released by The Sun.

In the footage, Boonk can be seen hanging out with three other men.

Suddenly, one man who is blocked from view punches the rapper in the face with his fist. Boonk’s head snaps sideways, and he walks away, clutching the side of his face, clearly writhing in pain. 

Whoever was filming can be heard saying, “Damn, fool got rocked, Damn, what the f**k?” 

Before the video surfaced, the rapper had already made mention of his little hospital visit.

On his Instagram page, he asked his fans to pray for him because he was going in for a procedure to repair his broken jaw. 

“Broken jaws on both sides of my face. Surgery will take place at 7:30 AM. Pray for me; I love you guys!!”

“I gotta show them that even when they kick me down, I am still happy. And oh, if anyone asks… I ran into a wall.”

In the post, Boonk is lying in a hospital bed wearing a blood-stained white shirt. The camera zooms into his mouth, revealing several missing silver teeth.

He gives off a fake laugh, but you can tell he’s struggling before showing the camera his middle finger. 

The rapper attracted a lot of speculation from his fans on social media.

Many wondered if the injuries were really due to the assault shown on the footage or something else. Some didn’t appreciate the videos saying that he should concentrate on making music. 

“He’s a rapper, but rather than giving us music on the radio; he lets us see his silly videos. If you are a genuine rapper man, allow us to hear your music.

Stop making videos that will have you killed sooner or later.” One post read. 

After surgery, the rapper also posted a second selfie showing intact teeth. He also shared one more post to assure his fans that the procedure went well.

He thanked them for loving, supporting, and hating him. 

Fast forward to 2020, Boonk seems to have quieted down a bit. According to Upnewsinfo, the rapper is now employed in a Bricklayer business.

However, he seems ready to claim his throne again and we are looking forward to his new pranks!