What Eric Johnson does now

Eric Johnson is a retired NFL player and husband of one of the most popular women in the world, “Jessica Simpson.” Johnson was born on 15 September 1979 in Massachusetts. 

He played for the football team at Yale University and was always focused on becoming an athlete. 

As a teenager, he was recruited by the 49ers in the 2001 NFL Draft. His stats were impressive right from the start. His first season had three touchdowns and 40 passes by him. 

NFL saw him as a promising newcomer and had high hopes for him. Eric missed the whole NFL season of 2003 and 2005. 

In 2007, his contract expired with the 49ers, and he signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans Saints. Sadly he didn’t play for much longer and had to retire for good in 2008 due to his multiple injuries.

Eric’s Personal Life

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson are among the most loved celebrity couples, but things were looking quite complicated for both when they met. 

Before the NFL star, Jessica was married to Nick Lachey. The Hollywood starlet separated from her husband in 2006. On the other side, Johnson was also married to the stylist Keri D’Angelo. 

When he met Jessica, he was already married to Keri. A few months before meeting Jessica, his relationship was on the rocks, and he had been separated from his wife.

Soon after meeting her, he officially filed for divorce, finalized in 2010. Jessica and Eric started dating in 2010. They were first spotted at a yacht kissing at Jessica’s 30th birthday party. 

Soon the pictures went viral, and they were then spotted multiple times getting cozy with each other. 

Eric later told in an interview that he knew instantly after meeting Simpson that he would marry her. 

jessica simpson

When Eric Johnson had just started seeing Simpson, he was enrolled in a two-year business program at one of the most prestigious business schools in the U.S., “The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.” 

He left to stay closer to her after they began dating. Soon, the fans also saw how serious they were about each other when Johnson proposed to the singer only after dating her for six months, which she gladly accepted.

Eric Johnson And Jessica Simpson’s Marriage

The whole year of 2011, the media scrutinized every detail of their wedding. 

Every other day, magazines were publishing venues and decorations for their wedding. Some said it would be an intimate ceremony, while others reported a big Hawaiin reception. 

Soon, the rumors of any wedding were quashed by Jessica herself when she told them they were enjoying their time with each other, with no plans of rushing their nuptials. Since both of them were married before, they wanted to take their time. 

Fans were disappointed not to get a wedding that year, but they got something even more exciting. Jessica posted a picture of herself in a Halloween costume with a baby bump, announcing her pregnancy. 

The “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer wanted to make her pregnancy period memorable and went to pose Nude for Elle magazine in April 2012. 

In the magazine interview, she also revealed the gender of her baby, which was a girl. 

They finally welcomed their baby girl Maxwell Drew in May 2012. Six months after welcoming their first child, they were already expecting baby No. 2.

When Jessica Simpson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in April 2013, she revealed it would be a boy this time. 

Finally, in March 2014, the couple said their vows while Jessica’s father officiated their wedding in Montecito, California. The Texas native said it was high time for them to say their “I Dos,” especially after they had already become proud parents of two little munchkins. 

Fans of both of the celebrities were extremely happy to see their fairy tale romance get a happily ever after. In 2018, the couple gave fans the happy news of welcoming yet another member of their family. 

The American singer revealed that before getting married in 2014, they had tried setting a date twice. But each time she got pregnant, they had to postpone the wedding completely. 

In 2020, the former reality tv star released her autobiography titled “Open Book.” 

In the book, she discussed his relationship with Eric in-depth. 

She called him her true soulmate. Recently, the couple celebrated their 11th anniversary, and with their Instagram captions, it is clear that they are still head over heels for each other. 

Jessica Simpson also discussed body image issues after giving birth and how long it took her to shed those extra pounds. 

After the birth of her third baby, she had to lose 100 pounds to get in a healthy shape.

Eric’s Occupation Now

Even after getting married to a famous singer, Eric Johnson has always tried to maintain a low profile. He hardly ever uses social media platforms. 

He likes to keep his social circle separate from showbiz, making it hard to track Eric’s new professional ventures.

His only known friend is Cash Warren, husband of Jessica Alba. They were also once spotted on a double date when Eric had just started going out with the singer. 

After he retired from pro sports and enrolled in business school, Eric later left the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School mid-way. That’s all we know.

On the other hand, Jessica Simpson has a business empire, and it’s easy to guess that Eric uses his sharp insight to flourish their venture together. 

The business might just be in Jessica’s name, but Eric surely has equal authority behind the scenes. 

They also had children within a short period of time, making it an easy guess that Eric preferred to stay at home to look after his wife and newborn children. 

While the details about his professional life might be unclear, one thing is sure: he is living a blissful life with Jessica and their children. 

Jessica’s Instagram is proof of that. It is filled with holiday pictures of the family and some gorgeous pictures of the couple. 

For those pictures, Jessica took full credit and had said that she was the one who taught him how to pose.

Since getting married to Eric, Jessica has branched out as a fashion designer with her own line named the Jessica Simpson collection. The gorgeous wife of the NFL player is one of the most forward-thinking celebrities in Hollywood.

On the 15th of September 2021, Jessica wished him a happy birthday with the most adorable caption ever. 

Thanking the universe for bringing them together, she told him how much she and their children, Maxwell Drew Johnson, Ace Knute Johnson, and Birdie Mae Johnson, love him.