TV Shows to Binge Watch in College Dorm in 2023

When it comes to relaxing and taking a break from all those academic struggles, nothing hits the spot like a good movie. It’s not just about feeling good. The make-believe universe of movies also works wonders in taking your mind off school stuff and revitalizing you for the next round of studying.

Hey, let’s face it, time is precious, especially when it comes to entertainment. So, don’t waste a single minute on lame shows. Instead, put some thought into what you’re gonna watch and make it binge-worthy! Trust us; it would be a waste of money to buy dissertations and squander the time you just gained back watching some snooze fest.

Luckily, there are tons of movies out there to choose from. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the highest-rated ones that you gotta check out. So, sit back, relax, and let us be your guide to the must-see flicks of 2023.


Kaleidoscope is one of the few hot names you’ll surely see on many 2023 watch lists. It should be no surprise that so many people praise the show, given its captivating plot, which centers around pulling off a mega-heist. 

Kaleidoscope was partially based on the true story of the $70 billion in bonds that disappeared from Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. In addition to themes of vengeance, plotting, loyalty, and betrayal impeding the completion of these plots, the eight-part series is packed with mystery and suspense as the genius and his gang plan their heist. 

The Last of Us

The last of us is one of the rare television programs that can move you to tears with its gripping premise and dramatic events. Based on the 2013 video game of the same name, this drama is set in the post-apocalyptic US. 

The show centers on a smuggler charged with transporting a teenage girl across the oppressive quarantine zone in the US and blends heart and terror as the characters overcome numerous obstacles.

This film is at the top of my post-apocalyptic watch list because it shows that humans, not zombies, can be the most ruthless if left to their devices. 

The Tribes of Europa

The tribes of Europa, our second post-apocalyptic entry, tells the tale of three siblings torn apart by the conflicting tribes of post-apocalyptic Europe. The sci-fi thriller takes place in 2074, after a mysterious catastrophe that devastated Europe in 2029 and destroyed most modern innovations. 

After discovering a mystery box, the locals, the tribe of the three brothers, are attacked by the crows, one of the many tribes vying for dominance over the country, resulting in a division of the siblings. 

This program has a strong plot and provides a ton of mystery and suspense as the protagonists’ stories unfold in various sequences throughout the film.

LA Brea

This captivating science fiction is set in LA, where a sinkhole separates a family, leaving the mother and boy with a hopeless lot in an ancient age. The father, who has visions of where the sinkhole victims are stuck in 10,000 BC, sets out to save his family. This movie emphasizes love, family, relationships, betrayal, and conflict between the Harris family and the sinkhole survivors, as well as with the local community. 

The intriguing story of this movie will make you fall in love with a number of the characters and leave you wanting more to find out how the mystery is solved, how the characters handle the challenges that are thrown at them, what is causing the sinkholes, and whether or not the stranded residents of LA will be able to return home. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The Black Panther prequel is one of the best works ever produced by the Marvel universe. The loss of their hero leaves Wakanda open to intrusions by other world powers seeking access to its vibranium. 

As the leaders of the community band together to defend the village from the advances of these superpowers, a conflict erupts between a tribe of blue-skinned water-breathing superhumans and world powers seeking to obtain the prized vibranium. 

Because this community is unknown to the rest of the world, blame is placed on Wakanda, which is also under attack from blue-skinned superhumans bent on vengeance against mankind. Wakanda Forever is a must-watch because, like its predecessor, it features a compelling plot and provokes a wide spectrum of emotions from the audience. 

Final Take

We hope our suggestions have helped you create a list of movies to watch. Remember, don’t let binge-watching get in the way of your studies! Keep an eye on how much time you spend in front of the screen so you can still rock those grades.