Tiktok’s New ‘Nudge’ Feature: What the Buzz is All About

TikTok, the social media giant, is known for its constant innovations. From introducing the TikTok Trivia to the auto-scroll feature, the app never ceases to surprise its users. The latest buzz? The “Nudge” button. But what exactly is it? Let’s dive in.

What is the “Nudge” Button?

The “Nudge” feature first appeared on TikTok last summer. However, it’s still in its testing phase and is available only to a select group of users. Essentially, this feature allows users to prompt their favorite creators to go live with just a click.

When someone sends a “Nudge”, they receive live updates from the nudged account. This could be a game-changer for content creators looking to boost engagement.

How to Use the “Nudge” Feature

To utilize this feature:

  • Navigate to Settings > Nudge Settings.
  • Toggle the feature on or off as per your preference.
  • To “Nudge” a creator, visit their profile and tap the small bell icon located in the top-right corner.
  • You’ll then have the option to modify your LIVE Notification Settings for that user. Below this, there’s a button that lets you “Nudge” the creator, prompting them to go live.

Mixed Reactions: The “Nudge” Controversy

While TikTok had high hopes for the “Nudge” feature, it hasn’t been as well-received as anticipated. Some users have drawn parallels between the “Nudge” button and Facebook’s not-so-popular “Poke” feature.

Critics have voiced concerns about the potential negative impact on the relationship between creators and their audience.

Some believe it could intensify creator burnout and feelings of guilt for not being constantly active. On the flip side, there are users who appreciate and enjoy the new addition. Only time will tell if “Nudge” is here to stay.

Ideas for Creators to Utilize the Nudge Button

Whether you’re a seasoned TikToker or just starting, understanding how to harness the power of this feature can significantly enhance your content strategy. Below are some creative ideas to help you make the most of the “Nudge” button and foster a deeper connection with your followers:

Content Teasers

Use the “Nudge” feature as a teaser for upcoming content. For instance, if you’re about to release a new video series or challenge, nudge your followers with a sneak peek or hint about what’s coming.


If you’re looking to collaborate with another TikTok creator, send them a “Nudge” as a friendly way to express interest in working together.

Polls & Surveys

Use the “Nudge” feature to gather feedback. For instance, if you’re unsure about which song to use for your next dance video, nudge your followers with options and let them decide.

Exclusive Content

Offer exclusive content to those who “Nudge” you. It could be behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, or a Q&A session.

Challenges & Contests

Encourage your followers to “Nudge” you as a way to enter a contest or challenge. The nudge could act as their entry ticket.

Engagement Boost

If you notice a dip in your engagement, remind your followers to “Nudge” you so they can receive live updates and never miss out on your content.

Personalized Shoutouts

Offer personalized shoutouts or mentions to a select number of followers who “Nudge” you within a specific timeframe.

Feedback Loop

After trying something new, ask your followers to “Nudge” if they liked it or want more of it. It’s a quick way to gauge interest.

Event Reminders

If you’re hosting a live event, webinar, or any other activity, use the “Nudge” feature as a reminder tool for your followers.


Create a series where the storyline progresses based on the number of “Nudges” you receive. It’s an interactive way to engage your audience and make them a part of your content creation process.

How to Not Use the “Nudge” Feature

While it’s tempting to make the most of this new tool, it’s essential to understand the etiquettes and potential pitfalls. Here’s a guide on how to approach the “Nudge” feature without overstepping boundaries or misusing its intent:

Avoid Overuse

Continuously nudging a creator can come off as spammy or even borderline harassing. It’s essential to use the feature sparingly and not overwhelm creators with constant nudges.

Don’t Pressure Creators

Remember that creators have their schedules and reasons for going live or not. Continuously nudging them to go live can create undue pressure and might even lead to burnout.

Avoid Using for Personal Gains

Don’t use the nudge feature solely to get a creator’s attention for personal benefits, like promoting your content or asking for shoutouts.

Respect Privacy

If a creator mentions that they prefer not to be nudged or if they’ve turned off the feature, respect their decision and avoid trying to bypass this preference.

Don’t Use as a Replacement for Genuine Engagement

The nudge feature shouldn’t replace genuine engagement like commenting, liking, or sharing. Engaging authentically helps build a more meaningful connection with creators.

Avoid Misleading Nudges

Don’t use the nudge feature to mislead creators into thinking you’re someone of significance if you’re not. This can erode trust and harm your reputation.

Refrain from Random Nudging

Avoid nudging creators randomly without a genuine reason. It’s better to nudge creators whose content you genuinely appreciate and want to see more of.

Don’t Use to Annoy or Troll

The nudge feature should be used positively. Avoid using it to annoy, troll, or provoke creators.

Avoid Nudging During Inappropriate Times

If you’re aware that a creator is going through a challenging time or has mentioned specific times they won’t be active, it’s respectful to avoid nudging them during these periods.

Don’t Expect Immediate Responses

Even if you nudge a creator, they might not go live immediately or even acknowledge the nudge. It’s essential to manage expectations and understand that creators have their reasons for their actions.

The Future of “Nudge”

TikTok’s “Nudge” feature has certainly stirred the pot, eliciting a range of reactions from its vast user base. While its future remains uncertain, one thing’s for sure: TikTok will continue to innovate and shape the social media landscape.

And there you have it, TikTok aficionados! From teasing new content to sparking fresh collaborations, the “Nudge” button is like the shiny new toy in our TikTok toolbox. But, like all good parties, it’s all about enjoying responsibly.

So, while we’re all for nudging our way to more fun, let’s also ensure we’re keeping the vibes positive and respectful. As we bid adieu to this guide, remember: TikTok’s world is ever-evolving, and who knows what they’ll surprise us with next?

Until then, keep dancing, keep creating, and maybe… just maybe, give that “Nudge” a playful tap!