Murray the Magician: A Magical Force on Pawn Stars

Do you believe in magic? Whether or not you are a believer, the art of magic and illusion-making has been with us for millennia and continues to be a significant part of modern-day entertainment.

As a matter of fact, when a popular reality TV show brings on a magic expert like Murray Sawchuck, you know that illusion-making is serious business.

From making a locomotive vanish to building a Ferrari out of thin air and amassing 1 billion views on his YouTube channel, Murray Sawchuck is easily a household name.

Curious about who Murray SawChuck on Pawn Stars is? We’ve got all the insider details—read on to learn more about this comical magician.

Murray Wanted To Entertain From A Young Age

Born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Murray John SawChuck has been passionate about showmanship, dance, magic and entertainment since he was a young boy.

His paternal family worked in the railway and train industries for years, but his father also played in bands. This musical background greatly influenced the young Murray, inspiring him to pursue a lifelong path of entertainment.

By age 3, the young SawChuck was already swimming and playing golf, and by 5 years, he was proficient in the keyboard, accordion and saxophone.

Murray began dancing ballet, Ukrainian dance, break dance, and swing at age 7 and participated in all kinds of sports, including baseball, equestrian sporting, soccer etc.

His parents and relatives, including an aunt and uncle he was particularly close with, nurtured his interest in magic. When Murray was 7, they gifted him a magic kit and the rest, as they say, is history.

SawChuck often attributes his inspiration for magic and showmanship to his childhood idols, including Lucille Ball, Dean Martin, Danny Kaye, and Johnny Carson.

When he was just 11, Murray landed his first paid show at a birthday party. According to the famous magician, he performed as many as six kids shows each week when he was just a teenager and continued his performances for six years. At the same time, Murray held down different kinds of odd jobs, including working as a lifeguard and fixing bicycles. He also studied for his degree in Broadcast Communications and Journalism.

Murray the Magician: From Child Performer To International Star

Murray credits his mentors and renowned magicians, Carol and Marvin Roy, for his impressive career trajectory.

He met the couple in his early twenties, and they were instrumental in helping him launch his international career with his first show in Brussels, Belgium. Murray got his biggest break when he performed at the Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, a popular French television show broadcast across Europe.

The renowned magician has performed throughout Europe, South Asia, and North America. Murray invented The CD Act, becoming the only magician in the world to invent a magic performance piece entailing numerous compact discs (CDs).

Murray Is the Winner of Numerous Awards

One of Murray’s most notable appearances was on America’s Got Talent on NBC TV, with over 22 million fans watching and vouching for him. Few magicians on the show have left an impression as long-lasting as Murray.

Remember his Ferrari act where he made the hyper-luxurious car appear out of thin air? How about his locomotive illusion, the biggest trick on AGT in which he made a steel 1918 steam train vanish in just seconds?

Unsurprisingly, the magician and writer has bagged many awards nationally and internationally. Examples include the LA Comedy Award, The Hollywood Fame Award, the Magic Champion Award and the World Champion title for his performances. He has also been named among the top 100 business people in Nevada.

Aside from being a regular guest expert on Pawn Stars, SawChuck has also appeared in more than 20 reality television shows, including Masters of Illusion, Celebracadabra, Reelz Extreme Escapes, Brain Games, and many others.

Clearly, Murray SawChuck has a lot going for himself. It is definitely a win for Pawn Stars producers to have this charming magician on the show!