Movies of 2022 that we’re looking forward to watch

2022 is right around the corner, and it might be great news for movie enthusiasts. The last couple of years have been rough on the cinema industry. Most movie shoots and releases got delayed due to the pandemic. But now, things are starting to get better, and we can expect some great releases. So, prepare for a wonderful year of cinema. We can expect some much-needed cinematic escape in a post-pandemic world. From biopics to action and animated movies, there is much to look forward to.

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Over the last year, some movies were released online. But now, we can fully expect cinema to make a comeback. Here are some of the most-awaited films in 2022:   

The Batman  

We have to start with The Batman, as the hype is too real for this one. Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne has created all the right buzz around the casting. It is something none of us were expecting, but deep down we all know it makes sense. The iconic DC character is set to return in March 2022, but we don’t have many details about the plot.

All we know is that it might be darker than the Nolan movies, and we will see The Riddler and The Penguin. Will the moody Pattinson become the best Batman casting ever? Ben Affleck fans look the other way.  

Avatar 2  

What is a sequel to one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, Avatar 2, is all set for release in December 2022. It took a decade and a half, but James Cameron brings us what he promised so long ago.

The follow-up will show Jake Sully and Neytiri now have a family on Pandora. But they must leave their home as an old evil emerges. The new cast includes Kate Winslet, Edie Falco, and Michelle Yeoh. Will it be bigger than the first movie of the franchise? We will have to wait and watch.  

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness  

Benedict Cumberbatch is going to reprise his role as the Marvel wizard, Dr. Strange. The movie is going to explore more on the idea of the multi-verse. Every Marvel fan has been eyeing this one for a while as it might set a tone for the newer Marvel movies.

After Spiderman: No-Way Home opens up the door to the multi-verse, there is no one better than Dr. Strange to build on it. It will also relate directly to the events in the Wanda Vision series. The much-anticipated movie will release in May 2022.  


The Elvis Presley biopic is going to release in June 2022. The casting itself took ages, and Baz Luhrmann held multiple screenings before they chose their Elvis. Austin Butler seems right for the role as he plays the iconic pop star. The story talks about Elvis’s relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker played by Tom Hanks.  


If you want a bit of nostalgia, then Lightyear is going to be perfect for you. Pixar might have ended the Toy Story franchise, but the characters are still alive. The iconic Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story is back with Chris Evan’s voice.

He plays the real astronaut who was the inspiration behind the action figure. The prequel shares a bit of Buzz’s history and tells us what he did to become famous enough to become a toy. The trailer looks fantastic, and we are ready to go to Infinity and Beyond with our childhood favorite astronaut.   

John Wick: Chapter 4  

The news is that the puppy-loving assassin is going to make a comeback in 2022. We don’t know much about the plot, but we can expect great things from the franchise.

Reportedly, chapters 4 and 5 are being shot side-by-side, so this isn’t the end. At least not for another year. Chapter 3 ended with John Wick fighting the world and parting ways with the High Table. So, where will he go now?  

Turning Red  

Another Pixar addition to 2022, Turning Red might be the cutest movie of all time. It is about a girl who turns into a big, red panda when she’s too excited about something. It comes from the Oscar-winning director of Bao, Domee Shi. So, even though we don’t have much casting information, we can expect great things.  


Morbius has all kinds of crossover implications that only make the multi-verse more interesting. It is the backstory of a scientist who turns himself into a vampire. Michael Keaton is all set to make an appearance as Vulture. So, we might get to take a deep dive into the Spider-verse.