Did That Vegan Teacher go to jail?

The popular social media platform TikTok has birthed all kinds of celebrities, from the talented to the downright bizarre, who will do anything for fame. Many of its best-known users are controversial, but that’s what makes them, you know, tick.

One such TikTok sensation is former elementary teacher, That Vegan Teacher, who caught users’ attention with her singing skills and short skits to promote the vegetarian lifestyle. But, some users have accused her of promoting an extreme lifestyle, profanity, racism, and engaging in animal abuse. 

At the start of 2021, persistent rumors about That Vegan Teacher going to jail flooded social media. Her alleged arrest was happy news to her critics, but was the news real, or was it all hearsay?

Read on to uncover the truth about That Vegan Teacher going to jail.

Who Is That Vegan Teacher?

That Vegan Teacher is a 56-year-old Canadian animal rights activist and TikTok user whose real name is Miss Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. She is a former elementary school teacher turned animal rights activist. 

The controversial former teacher became TikTok-famous at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, after her ”Eating Animals is Wrong, Mcdonald’s” song went viral. Miss Kadie joined the site at her friend’s convincing, and despite being well into her 50s, she is quite conversant with the platform, gaining more than a million followers. 

That Vegan Teacher uses quirky messages, sarcasm, and animal admiration songs to spread the word about the vegetarian lifestyle and animal rights. She has even directed her songs to popular celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay. 

While nothing is wrong with her underlying message, Miss Kaddie’s TikTok videos promoting veganism through song are laced with profanity, insensitivity, and extremism that may rub others the wrong way. 

The Vegan Teacher Getting Arrested: Are the Rumors True? 

At the start of 2021, there were rumors on YouTube and TikTok about That Vegan Teacher going to jail.

In the YouTube video (which is full of vitriol against Diekmeyer and misinformation on nutrition), the creator claims that Miss Kadie was arrested after making fun of a commenter who claimed that their friend died after becoming vegan. 

“Wait a damn minute, is That Vegan Teacher going to jail?” one commenter asked in response to the YouTube video. 

In another tweet, a user commented, “I saw on TikTok that That Vegan Teacher is allegedly going to jail for claiming to be a teacher yet she isn’t, which is illegal in Canada. So is she going, or is she in jail?”

However, in a quick rejoinder, the animal activist denied the rumors. In a TikTok video released on January 21, 2021, she sang, “Apparently I’ve been arrested, apparently I’m in jail. Apparently there’s some article about me in the Daily Mail,” referring to a duet by Chef Gordon Ramsay. 

At the end of the video, the vegan animal rights activist stated that she was home and that people should not believe the false rumors. She also urged her fans to go check out Dominion, a free documentary she created.

Is That Vegan Teacher Banned on TikTok?

It has been a long time coming, but That Vegan Teacher has been banned on TikTok.

A search of her account brings up a ‘couldn’t find this account’ message saying the user violated numerous community guidelines.

The precise reason why she was banned is unknown. But, her account was seemingly shut down as soon as she made an offensive sexual comment toward 16-year-old YouTuber and TikToker TommyInlt, one of the fastest-growing Minecraft content creators. 

On February 18, 2021, Diekmeyer duetted Tommy showing off the two golden play buttons YouTube had awarded him. In the viral video, she flang around a cucumber and sang, ”nice vegan girls don’t want to play with your buttons. But, you will have to show them your vegetables and fruits if you want them to play with your buttons.”

Diekmeyer’s comment violated community guidelines and was met with uproar, given its sexual undertone and the fact that Tommy is only 16 years old. That Vegan Teacher has made similar controversial and distasteful comments, including comparing animal shelters to Nazi death camps.  

After her removal from TikTok, she posted a 23-minute monetized video on YouTube where she asserted that no one would stop her from spreading her message on the vegan lifestyle. 

So, there you have it: That Vegan Teacher is not in jail for her cringe-worthy videos; those were fake rumors. But, you will no longer find the self-proclaimed prominent animal rights activist on TikTok either after violating community guidelines.