Brett Raymer’s Top 3 Favorite Fish Tanks From “Tanked”

Animal Planet’s Tanked stars Brett Raymer and Wayde King filmed a whopping 150 episodes (more episodes than Friends, BTW) and made hundreds of extraordinary fish tanks.

While they loved most of their projects, they also had their favorite, most memorable aquariums. On here, we reveal some of Brett’s best Tanked projects—you’ll see why they are worth the hype.

We’ve also sprinkled in some fun facts about your favorite Tanked TV star, including a free training program for aquarium hobbyists and wannabes Brett’s giving away.

Here are what the TV star says are the best aquariums he built on Tanked:

Florida Keys Aquarium

The 200,000-gallon saltwater aquarium in the Florida Keys Marathon area remains one of the city’s greatest attractions more than a decade after it was constructed. And guess what? Brett had a hand in the construction of the massive aquarium!

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), Raymer and King’s company, was involved in building the acrylic windows separating the tank into two parts, one for the divers and the other for the marine creatures, including stingrays and sharks.

The owners of ATM and those of the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters and Marathon, Forrest Young and Ben Daughty, have worked together on many projects.

But on the Tanked episode titled Pipe Dreams, Brett admitted that this was hands-down the most mind-blowing and memorable project they have done together.

The Florida Keys Aquarium Marathon and Encounters still exists and is a popular sport for recreational snorkelling, scuba diving, and just hanging out with marine life.

Pirate Ship Tank

In 2014, Tanked unveiled a 403-gallon saltwater fish tank Brett’s Acrylic Tank Manufacturing company custom-made for the Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce in Florida.

According to Chamber of Commerce officials, Brett and Wayde took more than a year to plan and build the pirate-themed aquarium, with the client spending about $50,000 on it.

That price tag was squirm-worthy at first, but for such a large and beautiful tank filled with colorful, tropical Pacific fish, it was all probably worth it. What’s more, the fish tank has some really cool interactive features, helping visitors learn about the Perdido Keys’ enthralling ecosystem.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Diesel Truck Tank

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal’s fish tank was buzzworthy and unsurprisingly made it to Brett Raymer’s top three favorite tanks.

It took close to a year to design and build the 250-gallon tank. Brett and Raymer incorporated Shaquille O’Neal’s nicknames: Diesel and Superman, into the tank and surrounded the giant acrylic tank with a full-size truck grill.

The massive diesel truck fish tank was filled with some of the NBA star’s favorite exotic fish and turned out to be one of the most expensive aquariums featured on the show.

Tanked Was As Real As It Could Get

In addition to building some impressive fish tanks, the Tanked stars entertained us with their on-set reality television drama. Many of the custom aquariums look too good to be true, and the drama can be top-notch, leaving fans wondering whether everything happening in the show is real.

Brett insists that Tanked was real and everything you saw on there, including their flops and their successes, was legitimate. Indeed, there were times when Animal Planet producers asked the Tanked cast to make up stuff like a failed fish tank project, but Brett and Wayde refused as they were unwilling to make themselves look bad just for the show.

If something happened and the camera was not rolling, they would recreate the scene if they wanted their fans to see that incident. Aside from that, they wouldn’t agree to make things up that were not in line with their reputation.