Who Is Kamikaze from ‘Street Outlaws’ Married To?

If you have been a Street Outlaws diehard fan from day one, you will definitely remember Chris Day, aka Kamikaze. Aggressive, smart, innovative, and a downright daredevil, Chris Kamikaze began gracing our screens in the third episode of Street Outlaws: The List and was among the fastest racers. 

Over the years, many drivers have been featured on The List. But, some really stand out; you cannot get enough of them even after seeing them on TV so often. You’ve got to admit that Chris is one of those memorable drivers we’ve seen on the series. 

Unsurprisingly, fans have always been curious about Chris and his personal life. A big question lot’s of us ask is, does Kamikaze from Street Outlaws have a wife? Who is he married to? Does he have kids?

Well, we’ve dug up some info about Chris Kamikaze, also known as Chris Dave, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Keep reading!

Who is Chris Kamikaze? Background and History

Chris Dave grew up in Oklahoma City, OK, and first climbed on a motorcycle when he was just three years old.

Having a passion for speed and a desire to win, Chris spent his childhood and teen years repairing motorcycles and cars. Kamikaze’s father was a boat and car drag racer and introduced Chris and his childhood friend, Big Chief, to street racing. As you will remember, Big Chief, the king of street car racing, was featured on Street Outlaws before Kimakaze later debuted on the show.

Kamikaze states that he has always been fearless since an early age when he owned and rode a dirt bike. His daredevil attitude, which earned him the nickname Kamikaze, his work ethic, competitiveness, and smarts set him apart.

His debut on the popular Discovery Channel show skyrocketed him to fame, and with it came a relentless curiosity among fans over his personal life. But, Kamikaze has done a good job of keeping his life private, leaving fans wondering whether he is married or at least dating. 

Does Chris Kamikaze Have A Wife?

To say that Kamikaze Chris Dave has been mum about his love life is an understatement. Social media is a good first place to check if you want a glimpse into a person’s life. But, Kamikaze does nothing but only post funny memes, street racers, cars, car parts, and stuff about racing on his Instagram and Facebook! 

We scrolled through his ‘gram and Meta fan page and got nothing about who Chris is married to or dating in real life. His sense of humor is great, but for a fan who wants to get to know the street racing celebrity more personally, the lack of posts about his private life can be a bit frustrating. 

So, does Chris Kamikaze have a wife?

Judging by his choice to keep his life out of the limelight and not post about it on social or talk about it on the show, it is safe to say that it remains a mystery who Kamikaze is married to or dating.

We aren’t saying that the popular street racer doesn’t have a lady in his life. Maybe he does; maybe he doesn’t. It is hard to tell if he does because he has decided to keep that part of his life away from his fans. 

Does Kamikaze Chris Have Kids?

Aside from wanting to know whether he has a wife, people are curious about whether Kamikaze Chris has any children. 

Just as he doesn’t post or talk about his married life, Chris also doesn’t bring up the topic of his kids in public. Still, he has posted other kids on his social media platforms but has made sure his followers know that the kids are not his. 

For example, in one 2020 post, there was a picture of him and a young kid, which he captioned “#heisnotmineheismybuddies.” 

Sometime before that, he posted a picture on Facebook featuring himself and a smiley little girl. In the post, he said he loves to see kids excited to see his race car, the ELCO (which he inherited from his late friend), and being into race cars in general. 

Kamikaze clearly likes kiddos and seems like he’d be a super cool dad. Given that he is posting his friend’s children and not his, it might be safe to say that Chris Kamikaze currently doesn’t have any kids. But, from those posts, fatherhood would look good on him!

What Is Kamikaze Chris Up To?

Now that he is probably neither married nor dating, Kamikaze is living the single life while focusing on all things racing and cars. If his social media is anything to go by, street racing is clearly his first love.

The good thing is that his dedication to the sport is paying off. Various outlets estimate that Kamikaze Chris’s net worth is $300,000 and that he earns an estimated $30,000 per episode on Street Outlaws.

He definitely works hard and has earned his place on The List since his dirt bike racing days. We sure do hope the best for Kamikaze in his personal and professional life.