Who is Chumlee Russell’s Wife?

Are you a Pawn Stars fan? If so, you are definitely familiar with Chumlee Russells. The life of the party, Russell brings good humor to the famous reality television series, making each episode satisfyingly different from the other.

Unbelievable as it might sound,  Austin Lee Russell is not always laughs and giggles; he is also a family man and has cut out a niche in the Las Vegas candy business.

A common question about this famous reality star is: Who is Chumlee Russell’s wife?

Not much is known about the gorgeous brunette, but we did a little digging, and we can now tell you the truth about Chumlee’s wife. Read on for the deets!

Chumlee and His Wife Were Best Friends For A Time Before Marrying

They say one of the best decisions you can make is to marry your best friend. Russell and his wife certainly heed that advice as they were friends for two years, learning more about each before finally tying the knot.

Chumlee’s wife goes by the name Olivia Rademann. The two met in 2013 and remained friends for more than two years before they officially began dating.

chumlee and olivia

In 2018, Chumlee gave Rademan an 18-karat engagement ring worth between $4000 and $30,000. The reality star proposed to his then-girlfriend in Hawaii, and they planned to marry the following year.

They had a pre-wedding party at the D’s Adiamo Steakhouse in Las Vegas at the Detroit Ballroom. Olivia and Chumlee then held a small, intimate ceremony in Hawaii to celebrate their nuptials.

In an interview, Chumlee shared how he met his wife. “It is beautiful, and I already feel married! We were friends first for a year or so before officially becoming a couple, getting together at the start of 2016,” the Pawn Stars celebrity gushed.

Olivia Rademann Is Into Philanthropy and Business

When Olivia began dating Chumlee, she was a student at the Univesity of Nevada in Las Vegas. The gorgeous brunette finally graduated and soon after got married to Austin Lee “Chumlee” Russell.

At the time of graduating and planning for her wedding, Olivia Rademan was seriously considering starting an eyelash business with the goal of owning a chain of such boutiques.

Whether or not Rademann made her dream come true is unknown, as she has yet to publicize any such business on her social media handles.

Olivia and her husband, Chumlee, shared an interest in doing business, probably one thing they bonded over. Chumlee Austin launched his own candy shop alongside his brother, Sage Russell, and the store in Pawn Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas is still going strong.

Chumlee and His Wife May Have Broken Up

After marrying, Chumlee and his wife went on many travel adventures, with each sharing numerous photos on social media of their escapades and personal life, much to the envy of their fans and followers.

chumlee wife
Better days…

However, their time together wouldn’t last too long as Olivia had to travel away for further studies at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Meanwhile, Chumless was busy filming the popular History channel series.

Being newlyweds, Olivia and Austin reportedly worked very hard to keep their relationship strong. But something seemed amiss toward the end of 2019, and sure enough, Chumlee deleted all pictures of Olivia from his Instagram, sending the internet abuzz with rumors of their divorce.

Olivia also made her own move and removed all of Chumlee’s pictures from her socials. Since then, they have not posted photos of the other or them together.

Neither Olivia nor Chumlee has issued a statement regarding their relationship status, nor have they been publicly spotted together.

What happened between Chumlee and Olivia Rademann Russell is unclear, given that none have clearly come out to speak about their relationship.

However, seeing as they deleted each other’s photos and it has been three years since either one posted anything about the other, it might be safe to say that the power couple may have broken up or at least separated.

The fact that Olivia’s feed now features her cuddling up to one Jack Schindler says a lot about the status of her and Chumlee’s marriage. Schindler is a professional poker player; from the look of things, he might have stolen Rademann’s heart.

Some of the pictures on her timeline show the two traveling through Las Vegas and even taking trips to Rome.

Chumlee’s Wife Was With Him Throughout His Legal Issues

If Chumlee secretly split from his wife, his legal problems and subsequent felony charges could have contributed to the fallout, eventually.

In 2016, when Chumlee and Olivia were still dating, police allegedly found some methamphetamine, cocaine, and a gallon of marijuana.

The officers who were at Russel’s house as part of a sexual assault case also found 12 guns, including rifles, handguns, and an assault MP5. Russel was not charged in the sexual assault case, though.

Although Olivia stood by him, this was definitely a major incident that could break any couple apart. Even after this incident, the Pawn Stars breakout star had ongoing run-ins with the law, which likely wore down his wife, leading to their drifting apart and eventually going their separate ways.

Does Chumlee and His Wife Have Kids?

Austin “Chumlee” Russell and Olivia definitely made a sweet couple, and there’s no doubt they’d have good-looking children.

That said, Chumlee and his wife do not have any children. It is unclear whether the couple wanted to remain child-free or weren’t in a good place to have kids together before their speculated split.

Looking at their socials, Chumlee and Olivia are going about their day-to-day lives as usual. Olivia’s Instagram says she is a photographer, a futures trader, and a free diver. She also describes herself as a modern-day stoic.

Chumlee is still filming Pawn Stars on the History Channel. At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, works behind the counter appraising, testing items, and writing tickets. He also runs a candy business with his brother, so the reality TV star is all-around busy.

Whatever happened to Chumlee Austin Russell and his wife, we wish them both all the best in their various pursuits!