What Is The Honey Method On Tiktok?

Are you a manifestation babe (or guy)? Do you also consider TikTok your go-to place for tickles, inspiration, and relaxation?

Well, you’ve probably caught a whiff of the newest so-called manifestation trend known as the Honey Method. It sounds enticing, seductive, and even delicious, but what really is it? And is it true that it works for some people and not others?

We did some digging about this peculiar trend, and we’re here to give you the low-down and tell you what the honey method on TikTok is all about. Keep reading!

What Is The Honey Method on TikTok?

TikTokers are famous for coming up with all kinds of viral trends. Some are funny and heartwarming, but many are downright dangerous, if not ridiculous.

The Honey Method has become one trend that has caught on among so-called WitchTokers, manifestation buffs, and followers of the law of attraction.

This particular clique is affiliated with concepts such as witchcraft, manifestation, karma, spirit, neo-paganism, and other spiritual clichés.

We’re not sure who started the Honey Method, but followers have been trying to use it to draw their crush’s attention and manifest love

Some Hispanic TikTokers claim that because the honey spell method comes from Latina and Afro-Caribbean cultures, only people from these cultures should use it. Otherwise, the spell could backfire.

The Honey Method Involves Using Honey to Attract Love

So, how does the Honey Method work?

The various tutorials show several ways to perform the honey method, but they all involve using honey.

As TikTokers involved with this technique explain, you must first say affirmations as you reach out for the honey jar.

Affirm things like “He loves me so much,’’ “He can’t stop thinking about me,” and “He is only attracted to me.” You can use these strategies to keep your intentions positive and attract good karma.

It is also important that you do not allow doubt into your mind. Doubting whether this witchcraft method works can apparently cause the whole thing to backfire on you, so have faith that the honey spell will work and that your love interest will be attracted to you.

Next, put some honey on any of your fingers and draw a cross at the top or bottom of your tongue. That’s it—you can go on with your day-to-day life expecting your crush to start to notice you.

Does The Honey Method on TikTok Work?

Some TikTokers who’ve tried the honey spell method swear by it. Some claim that their boyfriends started treating them ”with respect.”

Another follower said her crush suddenly texts her all day and night; she ”can’t keep up” but is ”happy as a harp.”

WitchTokers who’ve been popularizing this manifestation technique, guarantee that it works if done correctly and by the right people.

Some creators in the Latin community claim that the honey spell, also known as Brujeria, is only suitable for Hispanics and those hailing from the Afro-Caribbean culture.

However, their fellow TikTokers have criticized those who assert that the Honey Method is only effective for Hispanics and find the exclusivity repugnant.

Still, one user insisted that Brujeria is an age-old, closed Hispanic practice and that non-Hispanic people can get themselves in trouble if they try performing.

The Honey Spell Trend on TikTok Can Backfire

The creators behind the viral Honey Method warn that this ritual can easily work against you if caution is not taken.

For starters, if you doubt the effectiveness of the honey spell, i.e., if you think it might backfire, it surely will backfire on you.

It is also important to perform this witchcraft spell from a space of high vibrations and love. If you do it with the wrong intentions, the honey spell will work against you.

So, how do you know the Honey Method has backfired?

If you start obsessing about your crush, you can’t function; you are thinking about them every second of the day, and you can’t even eat; the spell has probably worked against you.

But you can reverse the spell if you suspect it has backfired on you.

One TikToker, @themysticalmoonroom, claims that by emptying the honey jar and burying the honey in the ground, you can free yourself from obsessive ties. You are appeasing Mother Earth; she will reward you by freeing you.

You should perform a cleansing ritual to eliminate bad karma and love blocks interfering with your romantic life.

That’s what the Honey Method on TikTok is all about. Is this something you would consider doing?