What Happened To Peach Julien?

If you are a Julien Solomita fan or follower, you know that there is no separating him from his beloved animals.

The famous YouTuber and his fiance, Jenna, are self-proclaimed animal advocates, in addition to being streamers and all-round entertainers.

Their pets are front, back, and center, an integral part of Solomita’s content creation journey and the resulting success this has brought.

Julien has documented the ups and downs of caring for his pack of dogs, including the health challenges his greyhound, Peach, has had to endure.

It’s been a minute since he posted updates on Peach’s health, and his fans are now worried about what happened to Peach Julien.

Well, we’ve done some follow-up to find out exactly what happened to Peachy. Read on for all the details!

Who is Peach Julien?

Before revealing what happened to Peach Julien, let’s do a recap of who she is.

Peach, also known as Peachy ‘girl’ Mourey, is an Italian Greyhound and Julien and Jenna’s third dog. Jenna’s fans fondly refer to her as Cermets, aka Kermit’s wife and half-sister and the non-biological sister of Bunny and Marbles.

Peach boasts an attractive caramel-colored coat with an unmissable white chest. Aside from her personality, her sweetest attribute has to be the fact that she is small and cuddly enough to carry around.

Peachy girl is, however, prone to packing on extra weight due to her large and indiscriminate appetite. This pup is not ashamed of stealing food when push comes to shove.

The good news is that Jenna and Julien have been keen on her health, going as far as putting her on a diet to help Peachy lose some kilos.

Still, Peach is really open-minded and curious, always willing to try out new foods, including fruit and vegetables. According to Jenna, out of their three furry babies, Peach would be the most likely to survive and thrive in the wild because she can eat almost anything.

What Happened to Jenna and Julien’s Dog Peach?

In a past live stream, Julien broke the news that their beloved hound, Peach, was going through a serious health crisis.

In an Instagram story that was later reposted to Reddit, Julien explained that Peachy had been suffering from back problems and was finding it difficult to stand or walk on her own.

After a visit to the vet, they found that a large mass was pressing on Peach’s spine, causing the pain and inability to support her own weight. Although the mass hadn’t spread, it caused considerable health problems for the beloved greyhound.

Following the vet’s recommendation, Peachy underwent surgery to try and remove the mass.

In a follow-up livestream, Jenna and Julien updated fans on the pup’s progress, sadly announcing that her health was deteriorating fast and even revealing that they were certain they would lose her.

Peach Bounced Back, Alive and Kicking

After a while, Solomita came back with a more uplifting update, explaining that the surgery had been successful, and Peach was discharged from the vet and allowed to rest at home.

“She is very happy to come home,” an emotional Julien quipped.

The proud parents were as surprised by Peach’s powerful comeback as were their fans.

“She is incredible tough. When it wasn’t looking like she would make it, she actually made it,” they said during one of their streams.

Peach embarked on a long road to recovery, with her parents doing everything they could to ensure she could regain full health.

The condition left Peach with little to no control of her back legs, and she couldn’t be as active as usual as she needed to heal from the surgery.

Thankfully, Peach finally recovered, bringing an end to a very stressful period in Julien and Jenna’s lives. Of course, the support from fans also went a long way in helping these two cope with their pet’s health challenges.

Are Jenna and Julien Still Together

If you remember well, Jenna, a much-loved vlogger and content creator on YouTube, shockingly quit her channel on the platform.

Jenna decided to end the channel, which boasted 20K+ followers, citing embarrassment over past content, which received backlash for its racist, slut-shaming, and misogynistic undertones.

“I’m incredibly sorry. This doesn’t need to exist; it’s not okay; it’s inexusable,” Mourey said at the time of quitting.

She added, ‘’It’s not cool, it’s not okay, it’s not cute, and I am embarrassed that I created that.”

With Jenna missing in action, we are only left with Julien to keep us up to date with what’s happening in their lives, and sure as the sky, he’s been spilling the tea.

First things first, Solomita took to social media to announce that he and his long-time girlfriend, Jenna Mourey had married toward the end of 2022.

In November 2021, Julien proposed to Jenna, broadcasting the moment live on Twitch for his millions of followers. Shortly after the engagement became known, Solomita revealed that they had already tied the knot.

Peach’s recovery was a big inspiration for their decision to get married, and it was even better in the presence of all their dogs and human friends and family.

Jenna and Julien are still together, hopefully living a happy, fulfilled life after all these years. We wish him all the best.