What Happened To Jeff And Lance On Moonshiners?

Unconventional, grizzly, hilarious, but ambitious, father-son duo Jeff and Lance Waldroup of the controversial Discovery series, Moonshiners are without a doubt the life of the show.

Moonshiners Season 9

Lance’s childish theatrics and his dad’s dogged determination to stay at the top of the game made them fan favorites. However, with no warning at all, we stopped seeing these two since the start of season 8 of the show prompting questions about their whereabouts. Just what happened to Jeff and Lance?

Who is Jeff Waldroup?

Fans of Moonshiners have become accustomed to the goings and comings many of the show’s cast members. Over the seasons, we’ve seen some new faces and some familiar ones like Chico and Sondra are no longer part of the cast.

Another famous duo that is missing in action is Jeff and Lance who have probably been on the show the longest. Understandably, their sudden hiatus caused quite a stir among fans.

According to his bio on Discovery, Jeff comes from a family with a long history of moonshining and is said to be one of the best ‘shiners in North Carolina. On the show, we see him hustling hard to make top dollar for his brew. His skill, experience, business savvy, and firmness with his son, Lance quickly made Jeff a favorite among fans since Moonshiners began airing in December 2011.

Who is Lance Waldroup?

Fans seem to have a love-hate relationship with the sometimes clumsy but obstinate Lance. Throughout the seven seasons of the show, we saw him mature from an inept and immature kid to a more inventive and business-minded grownup.

Although he messes up a lot initially, he eventually gets himself together and is put in charge of securing his family’s illicit distillery business and running other administrative tasks. Despite his many flaws, Lance does have an underlying sense of innovation, which comes in handy in putting his family’s trade at the top of this rather competitive game.

Why did Jeff and Lance Leave Moonshiners?

The hilarious father-son team all but disappeared from the controversial show after the ‘Secret Backwoods Recipes’ episode, which aired February 2019. By the time the eighth season was heading to its sixth episode, it was clear that the two were no longer part of the series leaving fans to speculate about their whereabouts.

To date, there has been no official communication from Discovery to let fans know what happened to Jeff and Lance. Still, the pair’s official bios are featured on Discovery’s website.

That being said, the enterprising bootleggers have kept mum about why they no longer appear on the popular TV show. Fans on social media have asked them severally about their hiatus but all these questions have gone answered.

Were Jeff and Lance Arrested?

The lack of communication from Discovery and the two former cast members has fanned rumors that the father and son might be in jail. Moonshining i.e. brewing of alcohol outside of a registered distillery is indeed illegal in the United States and many members of the Moonshiners show have supposedly had run-ins with authorities.

However, we cannot confirm that Jeff and his son were indeed arrested.

It seems like the two not only took a hiatus from TV but also social media. Neither Jeff nor Lance have posted much on their respective social accounts, making it even harder to know just what is going on with them.

At some point after leaving the show, Lance used his personal Facebook account to sell stuff including an Xbox and even a Jeep Grand Cherokee causing followers to speculate that he wasn’t doing too well financially.

Well, it isn’t very clear what happened to Jeff and Lance on Moonshiners. For now, we can only guess that they probably took a break to focus on their distillery business.