What happened to Aneska on Dr. Phil?

One of the most memorable episodes of Dr. Phil involved terrifying 12-year-old Aneska Lenardon, who choked her sister, chased her siblings with a knife, deliberately killed a nest of baby birds and bludgeoned their family hamster to death with a flashlight.

While her mother Melanie admitted that her daughter came across as “cute and innocent,” she also described her as “explosive, violent, and aggressive.”

In addition to repeatedly threatening her parents and siblings, the pre-teen had also stolen her mother’s credit card and made threats to the vice principal. 

The accident that started it all

Melanie says she and her husband Dave noticed a drastic change in Aneska’s behavior after falling off her tricycle when she was three years old and landing on her face.

“She had chipped a tooth, her face was swollen and she was bleeding. Aneska was taken to the hospital, and she had a quick examination by a doctor, and we were told to take her home. About a week later, we noticed a change in Aneska’s personality.”

Since then, her behavior has worsened each year, showing disturbing tendencies. Her parents took her to several doctors, and she was on more than 35 different medications. In addition, they say they have admitted her to an adolescent treatment center nearly 20 times.

“To this day, nothing has worked,” Melanie explains. “If Aneska continues down this path, Aneska will either be dead or in jail.”

A neighbour from their hometown in Manitoba, Canada, confirmed that her parents’ struggle wasn’t exaggerated for the cameras.

Did Aneska explain why she did what she did?

“My behavior is pretty bad,” the child explained. “On a scale of 1 to 10, I would think my anger would be 10.”

Melanie and Dave say they are worried about what Aneska could do to her three younger siblings.

“My other kids are terrified of their sister. Everybody walks on eggshells, for good reason,” Dave added.

After one of her outbursts toward her family, Aneska drew a picture of her siblings buried in graves, while she stood above them holding an object.

Aneska described how she used to hear voices in her head telling her what to do, and she said she sometimes forgot what she did when she was really upset.

“Violence makes me feel comfortable,” Aneska added. “It’s just a bad situation.”

A medical diagnosis

Smart Brain and Health’s CEO and Chief of Neuroradiology, Dr. Bradley Jabour, reviewed her MRI.

He suggested that she might have bipolar disorder or significant sensory dysregulation disorder. As a result, the brain has difficulty interpreting and responding to information processed by the senses.

Has the little girl’s behavior changed in the years since the 2016 TV episode, when her parents sought Dr. Phil’s help?

Where is Aneska from Dr. Phil now?

Aneska, 18, says she is enjoying her life right now. According to her, she is about to graduate high school, she has a close relationship with her family, and she no longer exhibits the angry and out-of-control behaviors she used to. “If it wasn’t for you, God knows what would have happened,” says Aneska to Dr. Phil.