Tom Selleck and plastic surgery

Aside from sporting a mustache that has its own social media following, Tom Selleck is most famous for his role in the 1980s TV show “Magnum P.I.” as the easy-going, Ferrari-driving private investigator.

Magnum, P.I. - Season 5

But did you know that he has been starring in “Blue Bloods” even longer?

The 76-year-old actor has been acting since the late ’60s and along the way, well, he has aged gracefully just like a fine wine. Tom Selleck epitomizes macho masculinity in every way. 

Which made us wonder: can that ageless appearance simply be credited to good genes and a healthy lifestyle?

Tom Selleck 24X36 Poster SDG #SDG718629

The veteran actor, who some people confuse for Burt Renolds, had this to say in a GQ interview:

‘I’ve never done it. That’s not to say I won’t. I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s not just vanity.’

Selleck went on to say that he is aware that even his time on Blue Bloods might be limited as he is “getting up there” in age.

Tom Selleck 24X36 Poster SDG #SDG536312

He quipped that it’s important to know what age range is suited for an actor. Trying to look 20 years younger simply out of some narcissistic manifestation doesn’t justify plastic surgery. It would be different however when looking at plastic surgery as a tool.

If it would allow one to work and find acceptance for a larger variety of things, he would be ok with it.

There you have it. Who could disagree with Tom on this? Or even get a little work done, much like Lionel Richie?

In the game of staying in the game, it’s not easy to also put up solid numbers in viewership. Tom Selleck seems to have mastered both – all with a smile and ‘stach’ to show for. Good for you, Tom!