Here Is How Much “Counting Cars” Is Worth

“Other people bet with chips. I choose to bet with rides.”

This was once the opening statement of History Channel’s Counting Cars.

Danny, the owner of Count’s Customs where the show is filmed, is no doubt an extraordinary guy. He and his team fancy working on ‘risky’ projects on the show.

They pick up cars from anywhere and everywhere, including those that have been tossed on the suburbs of Nevada. Sometimes, the business deals don’t pay off, but those that do bring huge profits to the business. 

Danny Koker loves working on anything with wheels. From automobiles and to boats, he can do it all. Although he sells most of the restored vehicles, he keeps some as well for his personal collection of classic automobiles.

Reports claim that he has a total of 58 cars and 78 motorcycles in his name. This can only mean one thing: the TV star is stinking’ rich. Just how rich is he?

Who is Danny Koker?

Everything you see on Counting Cars is traced down to one man: Danny Koker. It would be a disservice to mention the show without talking about him. Simply put, Danny Koker is a businessman, rock n’ roll musician, and TV star.

People got to know him when he starred on Paws Stars (the original car restoration reality series on History Channel).

The automobile enthusiast became a frequent face on the shows, thanks to his love for cars. After a while, History Channel approached him to give him a business deal of his own. 

Danny owns an automobile shop that does detailing and vehicle restoration projects. He agreed to bring the cameras to his shop. Initially, he loved the idea because it would promote his shop.

Many years later, it has done more than bring him new customers. 

Born on January 5, 1964, Danny learned his skill earlier on. His father, Nicholas Koker, was a Ford employee alongside other members of the family. That set the foundation right for his passion for automobiles.

While his peers rushed to go to college to pursue different things, he concentrated on mastering his mechanics skills. You bet the decision paid off greatly. The business owner managed to turn his passion into a massive fortune. 

In addition to flipping cars for profit, Danny Koker is also a great rock n’ roll artist. He is the Count’s 77 band leader that performs on Counting Cars from time to time.

Mr. Koker’s dad, Nicholas Koker Sr. had a great track record as far as music is concerned.

By 11, Danny was already performing alongside his father at local stages. Music is now his side hustle and passion.

When he’s not working on a car restoration project, the star would be touring the world with his rock band.

How Much Is He Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Danny Koker’s net worth to be $13 million. The 57-year old is among the long list of millionaires in the United States.

Unlike others that got inherited wealth, Koker has worked for every dime he has. Most of his fortune comes from his restoration business, Count’s Customs.

After being in the business for close to 20 years, Danny has mastered his craft pretty well. He always has a line of clients waiting to hire him to ‘pimp’ their rides. 

Danny also runs other businesses apart from Count’s Customs. For one, he co-owns Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill with his wife, Korie Koker.

The rock music bar is successful in the region, hosting over 300 live performances every year. Fans get to see the action occasionally on Counting Cars, and best believe that the entertainment is always top-notch and the food delicious.

Danny Koker also owns a tattoo shop and a music production business. 

Obviously, being on Counting Cars also adds to Koker’s rich status. Not only does it promote his shop, but it also literally puts more money on the table.

Danny reportedly earns $100,000 per episode from the show. This translates to approximately $1.6 million annually. This is no small money for anyone. 

How much is Count’s Customs worth?

For Danny to have such a fat wallet, his business must be doing well. If Celebrity Net Worth stats are anything to go by, the business is worth a whopping $10 million.

Clearly, being on TV has its perks for any company. Granted, the business was doing well before Counting Cars, but the limelight pushed the profits considerably.

Big names bring their cars to be revamped on the shop year in year out, showing how successful it is. 

Counting Car’s main star, Danny Koker, is no stranger to big bucks. He’s managed to carve out a comfortable and luxurious life as a businessman, artist, and TV star.

His handwork, resilience, and patience truly paid off in a big way. That’s a great lesson for anyone looking to make it big out there.